Ninja Hattori-kun -Sience Ninja Arts vs Ninjyutu- (Pachinko) by Daiichi
The masterpiece work “Ninja Hattori-kun” by manga legend Fujiko Fujio will come to Pachinko soon!
The third Pachinko installment sees a huge ninja battle with science ninjas spearheaded by Mekamaro.
It’s biggest feature is the many kinds of “Karakuri” accessories!
Scrolls and shuriken are attached all over the machine like a weapons house and they all move around with intense energy!
Smash the science ninjas, and rescue your captured comrades!


忍者ハットリくん(1) (藤子不二雄(A)デジタルセレクション)
新 忍者ハットリくん(1) (藤子不二雄(A)デジタルセレクション)

・Ninja Hattori-kun set

◆09 忍者ハットリくんセット
◆09 忍者ハットリくんセット

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