Koihime Muso2 (Pachinko) by ACE DENKEN

Today’s machine is the second pachinko version of Koihime Muso, a manga featuring a fusion between a young girl and a military commander.
Of course it features the same vibrant production as last time, but the new characters and sexy battles between them are a must see!
There are lots of samples on the home page! What happens if you try clicking on one of the characters?
Fans of moe pachinko should hurry to your nearest parlor!

・Blu-ray disc box

恋姫†無双 BD-BOX [はわわブルーレイBOXですよ] [Blu-ray]

・Folding fan

恋姫†無双 -ドキッ☆乙女だらけの三国志演義- 孔明はわわ!扇子 GEE!限定

・Visual fan book

・Hug pillow

恋姫無双DX 抱き枕カバー 関羽 限定版ver.2.0


・Trading card

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