Tetsuya 2 -Return of the Legend of Mahjong- (Pachinko) by Daiichi

Today we will introduce a pachinko machine based on “Tetsuya,” a manga that brought a wave of Mahjong craze to Japanese youth.
The theme of this machine is “going to the extreme!” It has the ultimate collection of cutscenes from the most important episodes of the original series!
Our expectations are set to the max thanks to the “雀聖 accessory” that shrouds the LCD monitor!!
It will be released in December 2014! Enjoy a fierce Mahjong battle at a pachinko parlor!


勝負師伝説 哲也 DIGEST

・High-grade Mahjong set (manufactured by Nintendo)

麻雀牌 『役満 鳳凰』

・cuff links

【Tigre Amore】 カフスボタン カフリンクス 麻雀 字牌 マージャン 発 發 シルバー

・Automation Mahjong table

全自動麻雀卓 スパイダーHV (展示卓)「アウトレット品」

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