Gifuu Doudou -Kanetsugu & Keiji- (Pachinko) by newgin
A spin-off of popular pachinko machine “Hana no Keiji” has been released!!
Kanetsugu Naoe, lifelong friend of Keiji, is the main character of this machine called “Gifuu Doudou”!!
Its original work is a manga in which retired Keiji recollects and narrates the memories of Kanetsugu.
Player gets to enjoy the story of “Hana no Keiji” from a different point of view!!
It is expected to make its debut on September!! Don’t miss it!!

義風堂々!!直江兼続 ~前田慶次花語り 1 (ゼノンコミックス)
スカイネット ハイスタンダード・スタチュー 花の慶次 直江兼続
兜ケース飾り 五月人形 12号直江兜31818GKC 直江兼続

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