Thunder V -rebolt- (Pachislot) by ACROSS
Today, we will be introducing a rightful successor of “Thunder V”, a nostalgic pachislot machine known for its high-performance.
The first “Thunder V” was introduced 18 years ago.
It did not have a monitor, but it attracted people only by its sound and reel flashes.
Why was it so popular with only simple renditions?
Well, that was due to the numbers of combinations of jackpots (the combination of reel’s pattern hitting a jackpot)!
The whopping number of jackpot combination is more than 3,300!
Even if a player doesn’t get the right combination of a jackpot, it might still give you a jackpot!!
You don’t get to experience this kind of surprise, that it is quite rare these days!
Recent pachinko/pachislot machine uses renditions through its monitors and accessories, but this machine fixates on sounds, reel flashes and reel combinations. Please enjoy this supreme nostalgic machine at the parlor.

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