Silent Hill (Pachislot) by TAKASAGO

Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of KONAMI’s popular horror game, “Silent Hill”.
The release of this machine has been controversial not only in Japan but worldwide, due to the discontinuation of a latest game directed by Hideo Kojima.
But the renditions of images and gaming characteristics making best of horror game is worth seeing.
It is already at the parlor. Give this machine a try when you get a chance to.

SILENT HILL:Book Of Memories
サイレントヒル2/ レッドピラミッドシング 1/6スケール PVCスタチュー
サイレントヒル2/ バブルヘッドナース 1/6スケール PVCスタチュー

つれゲー Vol.10 竹達彩奈&巽悠衣子×サイレントヒル4 THE ROOM [DVD]

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