Metal Armor Dragonar (Pachislot) by Sammy

Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Metal Armor Dragonar”, created by Sunrise, a animation studio famous for creating Gundam.
Although its original work made its debut 30 years ago, Dragonar makes its appearances in “Super robot Wars”, that it is well known among young people as well.
The characteristics of this machine are images, gaming performance, and specifications. Battles occurring in the 19-inch monitor are simply amazing.
This machine has already made its debut, so give it a chance to play. This machine is a must play for Japanese robot animation fans.

機甲戦記ドラグナー MAX合金 ドラグナー1 (ノンスケール ダイキャスト&ABS可動モデル)
EMOTION the Best 機甲戦記ドラグナー DVD-BOX
機甲戦記ドラグナー コンプリートアートワークス (ENTERTAINMENT ARCHIVE SERIES)
スーパーロボット大戦MXポータブル PSP the Best

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