Gyoza no Ohsho 3 (Pachinko) by TOYOMARU

A pachinko machine we will be introducing today is the third series of “Gyoza no Osho”, a pachinko machine of an unusual collaboration.
This machine is the rightful successor of the second series, which we have introduced last year, and the enjoyment of the movement of pachinko balls has been inherited!!
And the movement of accessories stirring the excitement even more than the previous machine, is a must watch as well!!
It has already made its debut to the parlor.
If you are a pachinko fan, give it a try.

なぜ、人は「餃子の王将」の行列に並ぶのか? (プレジデントムック)
サンスター文具 デコラッシュキャラ4 餃子の王将1

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