Zenigata Heiji with Dempagumi.inc(Pachinko) by TAKAO


A pachinko machine we will be introducing this time is “Zenigata Heiji with Dempagumi.inc”, a collaborated pachinko machine of popular Jidaigeki drama “Zenigata Heiji series” and popular idol group of “Dempagumi.inc”.
Its original work sets its plot in Edo period, and its story revolves around Zenigata Heiji who stamps out social evils and solves difficult cases.
Also, there is a big chance of player winning a jackpot when the accessory of “Hoei coin”, a coin thrown by Zenigata Heiji in the original drama drops!!
There are many renditions by Dempagumi.inc loaded, as well as original songs you can only listen to with this pachinko machine.
It is expected to make its debut next January.
Don’t miss it!!

風間杜夫 銭形平次 DVD-BOX

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