Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Z/X IGNITION”, originally a TV animation series adapted from a popular “collectible card game” of “Z/X”.
Special features of this pachislot machine are the two battle zones during the jackpot round.
One is called “JUDGEMENT PHASE” which uses cards from the collectible card game.
If player defeats the enemy before the cards run out, player will enter another battle zone called “Battle of Godly Dragons” in which characters from TV animation appears.
There will be a huge winning if player defeats the godly dragon.
Also, casting the same popular voice actors as the original animation is another highlight of this machine.
Let’s be prepared for the debut of this machine in March by watching the anime and play its card game.

1/8スケールフィギュア Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-「七大罪 色欲の魔人ルクスリア」
ちょこると Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- 「各務原あづみ」 (ノンスケール PVC塗装済み完成品)
ちょこると Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- 「上柚木綾瀬」 (ノンスケール PVC塗装済み完成品)
ちょこると Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- 「青葉千歳」 (ノンスケール PVC塗装済み完成品)
【ゼクス:Z/X zillions of enemy】 【アドミニストレータ デネボラ】 E01-006-R 『英雄達の宴』
ゼクス:Z/X Zillions of enemy X  八大龍王 阿那婆達多  C09-003 SR(ホロ仕様)
Z/Xゼクス 喪失の魔人ペルデレ/UC C10-015
Z/X IGNITION 6 [Blu-ray]

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