City Hunter3(Pachinko) by HEIWA

Today, we will be introducing a latest pachinko machine of a popular manga, the “City Hunter”!
Its original work is a manga representing the age of 1980’s, and its sequel called “Angel Heart” is still being serialized that this manga has been loved by many for a long time.
Being a third pachinko machine of the series, it is loaded with tons of “stylish” renditions!
“Cross-over rendition” is a must watch since the theme song of “GET WILD” gets played from the beginning of the story rendition until the player hits a jackpot.
This “cross-over rendition” reminisces the ending of the animation that all fans should enjoy!
It is expected to make its debut on March 21st!
Let’s enjoy the world of “City Hunter” with its latest pachinko machine.

コミック・マスターピース シティーハンター 1/6スケールフィギュア 冴羽 獠 (サエバ リョウ)
コミック・マスターピース シティーハンター 1/6スケールフィギュア 野上 冴子
City Hunter Sound Collection X-Theme Songs-
City Hunter Sound Collection Y-Insertion Tracks
City Hunter Sound Collection Z-Dramatic Album-

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