Teresa Teng 2 (Pachinko) by Daiichi


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Teresa Teng”, a pop singer who was widely popular from 1970’s to 1990’s.
This new machine is loaded with a full orchestra system in which the lights synchronize with the music.
Another point to note is that this machine has 15 exquisite pieces of music so that player can enjoy the songs of Teresa Teng to its maximum.
Also, player should pay special attention to “Teresa’s Greeting Rendition”, “Butterfly Cluster Rendition” and “Toki No Nagare Ni Mi Wo Makase Reach” which are the 3 biggest chance renditions of this machine!!
And if the “Butterflight” lights up, the strongest rendition of this machine, the jackpot is almost there!!
It is expected to make its debut in May.
Legendary pop singer of Asia will be reviving in the parlor!!

テレサ・テン 40/40~ベスト・セレクション
コンサート・ライブ [DVD]

忘れられぬ人 テレサ・テン カバー・ベスト・アルバム

中国語で歌おう!  決定版 テレサ・テン編

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