Senran Kagura (Pachislot) by OIZUMI

“Senran Kagura”, originally a game series that has been adapted to TV anime has now been adapted to pachislot machine!
Special feature of this machine is a system that changes as the player collects by gathering comrades!
It will sure to excite the players!
Jackpot is near if you gather Asuka, Ikaruga, Katsuragi and Yagyu!
Other characters from different schools such as Homura and Yomi makes their appearances, that this is a must play for the fans of the original work!
It is expected to make its debut in July 3rd.
Let’s wait for it with your heart pounding!

閃乱カグラシリーズ 公式イラスト集 -少女達の軌跡- (ファミ通の攻略本)
閃乱カグラ SHINOVI VERSUS -少女達の証明- 限定版『にゅうにゅうDXパック』
みんなのくじ 閃乱カグラ2 真紅 A賞 焔フィギュア 単品
【エビテン限定】閃乱カグラ PEACH BEACH SPLASH にゅうにゅうDXパック ファミ通DXパック 5周年記念等身大お尻マウスパッド「雪泉」セット - PS4

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