LADY GAGA (Pachinko) by SANKYO

A pachinko machine of “Lady Gaga”, a world-famous artist known for her unique fashion, has been finally released!!
She has sold 30 million copies of her album and 150 million copies of her single CDs, and this machine is loaded with 16 songs from her work!!
This machine is assembled with songs that everyone has heard at least once!!
Also, this machine has a projection maping system as well.
This machine has been supervised by Lady Gaga herself, that it is a must play for her fans!!!
It is expected to make its debut in November.
Let’s enjoy world-famous diva through her pachinko machine!!

ボーン・ディス・ウェイ (スペシャル・エディション(2CD))
お買い得品。プラスチックの切られます11,4” Lady Gaga レディー・ガガ掛け時計。非カチカチ音時計。クラシックシルバー。色々な部屋のため。
レディーガガ 黒 サングラス&スタッズ付き人口皮革リストバンド 2個のセット
レディー・ガガ フェイム EDP 50ml

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