Basilisk -The Kōga Ninja Scrolls-(Pachinko) by MACY
A popular content of “Basilisk: The Koga Ninja Scrolls” is finally making its pachinko debut!!
A sequel to the original work called “Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls” has just made its anime debut last January that Basilisk series are getting a lot of attentions.
Just like its pachislot machine of the same series, which has really high popularity, Universal Entertainment Corporation manufactured this pachinko machine as well!!
An accessory called “Eyes of Gennosuke” is unique only to this machine, but this machine is also loaded with tons of other accessories from its pachislot machines.
It is also loaded with songs called “The Koga Ninpocho” and another song called “Hime Murasaki” sang by Nana Mizuki who also does the voice of a character called Oboro.
It is expected to make its debut on March. Don’t miss it!!

バジリスク~甲賀忍法帖~ Blu-ray BOX(6枚組)
バジリスク 甲賀忍法帖 コミック 全5巻 完結セット (ヤンマガKC)

バジリスク ~甲賀忍法帖~ マグカップ [A柄 甲賀] スロット パチスロ キャラクター グッズ
バジリスク ~甲賀忍法帖~ マグカップ [B柄 伊賀] スロット パチスロ キャラクター グッズ

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