FAIRY TAIL (Pachinko) by FUJI


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “FAIRY TAIL”, a manga that was serialized from 2006 and has sold over 60 million copies. And it celebrated its completion last year.
“FAIRY TAIL” is a highly popular manga that has been adapted into an anime series, video games and even plays.
One of the characteristics of this pachinko machine is called “Step-up Manga Tower”, an accessory that sticks out from its chassis.
Together with other renditions, if player can reach up to the highest level where the protagonist called “Natsu” is drawn, there is a high chance of winning a jackpot!!
This machine is loaded with lots of renditions and gimmicks such as “DON (bang) Gimmick” which moves around the monitor!!
This year, the final season of the its anime series will be aired!!
Let’s play and enjoy its pachinko machine prior to watching the anime’s final season.

アニメ「FAIRY TAIL」オープニング&エンディングテーマソングスVol.1
劇場版 FAIRY TAIL -DRAGON CRY- 01 ちりばめデザイン (グラフアートデザイン) 手帳型スマホケース iPhone6/6s/7/8兼用
500個限定 エクスプラストイズ楽天★限定版 FAIRY TAIL / フェアリーテイル ジュビア・ロクサー 水着 限定Ver. (1/8スケール PVC製 塗装済み完成品フィギュア)
Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Guildシンボル銅メタルペンダントネックレス

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