Captain Tsubasa -OUGONSEDAI NO KODOU-(Pachinko) by Sansei R&D
Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Captain Tsubasa”, originally a manga that still being loved all over the world!!
Being a 2nd machine of the series, manufacturer has mustered up all of their abilities to load this machine with exciting gimmicks and tricks to spice up the renditions.
Manufacturer has created a new pachinko housing called “Rising Sansei” with movable top. As the top rises higher, player gains more chance to win the jackpot.
Player should also pay extra attention to a rendition called “Rising Switch On”, in which the “top light” spins and manufacturer logo appears!!
There are also “Tsubasa Action Figure” which shows the legendary overhead kick and 3D renditions by latest naked eye 3D LCD monitor!!
It is expected to make its debut next week.
Let’s steal goals from rivals all over the world!!

キャプテン翼 南葛ジャージ Lサイズ
キャプテン翼 ユニフォーム型Tシャツ 南葛 キャプテン翼展 サイズ:M
キャプテン翼 ジャンプ展 WJ50周年展VOL.1 限定 南葛ユニフォーム型 マグカップ
gol. (ゴル) キャプテン翼 有田焼 マグカップ 日向 G526-269

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