About pachinko gateway

On this blog we aim to introduce one of Japan’s quintessential forms of entertainment: Pachinko / Pachislot.

It is extremely well known in Japan, and one in six adults are said to play it (there are three times as many Pachinko parlors as there are McDonalds in Japan).
How to play is simple, you pay some money for small metal balls or coins, and use them to try to hit a jackpot.

Afterwards you can trade your winnings for prizes.
The LCD display in the chassis lets you know whether or not you’ve hit a jackpot.


The unique thing about Pachinko / Pachislot is that makers often collaborate with producers of things like anime, manga, games, and dramas to bring you an exciting display on the screen.
Anime and manga are especially popular and along with scenes from the original material, scenes made just for Pachinko / Pachislot are also common, and many other types of content are inserted so that fans of the original material can also enjoy.
In particular, machines based on “Moe” anime and displaying “Moe” prominently on their facade are very popular and are called “Moe-pachi” and “Moe-slot.”

e.g.Bakemonogatari (Pachinko) by Sammy


In recent years, there have also been more cases of Pachinko / Pachislot content being turned into anime, as well as original goods marketed to “Otaku.”

e.g.Magical Suite Prism Nana (Pachislot) By DAXEL


In this blog we will introduce machines based on popular content, and made for “Otaku” so have a look at one that interests you.
It might be that something you like has already been turned into Pachinko or Pachislot.

If Pachinko and Pachislot starts to interest you then by all means, come visit Japan and go to a parlor!