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摩托车竞赛~超速驾驶者★森且行 ”簡体字” 摩托車競賽~超速駕駛者★森且行”繁体字” (Pachinko) by TAKAO

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine using the theme of an “Auto Race”, a Japanese version of motorcycle speedway but with gambling added.
This pachinko machine features an auto racer called Katsuyuki Mori, who is known for being a member of iconic Japanese boy band called SMAP until 1996.
With a full back up from the auto race industry, this pachinko machine reproduces the world of auto race perfectly.
A rendition that makes player feel like he/she is actually racing is a must see.
It is expected to make its debut in February next year.Don’t miss it.

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