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Koihime Muso2 (Pachinko) by ACE DENKEN
Today’s machine is the second pachinko version of Koihime Muso, a manga featuring a fusion between a young girl and a military commander.
Of course it features the same vibrant production as last time, but the new characters and sexy battles between them are a must see!
There are lots of samples on the home page! What happens if you try clicking on one of the characters?
Fans of moe pachinko should hurry to your nearest parlor!

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Koihime Muso (Pachinko) by ACE DENKEN
Today we will introduce a Pachislot machine based on the popular anime “Koihime Muso” which is set in a time where beautiful girls participate in war as military commanders.
Of course all of the scenes are richly designed to keep the player interested, but the point this time is the jackpot!!
The jackpot in this machine is called “Happy Date,” and if you are able to confess your feelings then the next jackpot will come soon!
This kind of dating with your favorite characters while enjoying Pachinko is only possible in Koihime Muso.

Up We Go 4 (Pachinko) by ACE DENKEN

Today we will introduce a yellow department store themed Pachinko machine.
The higher you go, the better your chances are of winning in this “step-up” type game. It’s easy to understand for beginners.
Mai, Ai, and Mi, the sibling show girls of the department store, will guide you to the jackpot!!
Experience the fun of shopping while aiming for the jackpot in this Pachinko!!