Master of Martial Hearts II (Pachislot) by Aristcrat Technology
Today let’s talk about the Pachislot machine “Master of Martial Hearts II.”
Master of Martial Hearts was designed by the popular artist Jin Happobi, and has been made into a popular manga, anime, and a prior Pachislot machine.
In the second Pachislot edition, the popular girls Aya Iseshima and Natsume Honma, as well as an original character named Aoi Ishikawa make an appearance!!
The story revolving around the “platonic hearts,” jewels considered to grant the wishes of anyone who collects them all, will finally reach its climax!
Furthermore, this game is also available on the PS Vita! People that can’t go to a pachinko parlor can still thoroughly enjoy it.
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Tetsuya -Jyuku vs Nogami- (Pachislot) by Aristocrat Technologies

A slot machine based on the popular mahjong manga “Pachislot Tetsuya Jyuku vs Nogami” was released in December 2009.
It is the story of a young boy, Tetsuya, who lives his life as a gambler.
This time his opponents are the Four Heavenly Kings of Ueno, and his nemesis Dosaken.
Let’s watch the showdown of fate between Tetsuya and Dosaken via slot!!

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