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MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB (Pachinko) by Konami Amusement

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of a highly popular mahjong game “Mahjong Fight Club”.
A lot of professional mahjong players belonging to Japan Professional Mahjong League will make their appearance.
First, let’s aim for a jackpot called “Fight Club Rush” by aligning the numbers.
During this “Fight Club Rush”, the jackpot will continue if the player wins within 4 turns.
Number of winning balls differs by yaku (the winning hands), so pray for a big hand.
Also, hot and sexy photos of popular female mahjong professionals such as Nikaido sisters and Mari Takamiya are loaded.
It is expected to make its debut in June.Don’t miss it!

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Magical Halloween6(Pachislot) by Konami Amusement

Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine called “Magical Halloween”, the latest pachislot machine of its series and a content unique only to pachislot machines.
Being a 6th machine of the series, this popular series has come to a completely new development!!
The heroine called Alice passes through space and time and comes to Modern Japan to find her best friend “Rose” who suddenly disappeared!!
The plot changes to Japanese Academy and it is filled with new fascinations and charms such as new characters and Alice and her friends wearing school uniforms!!
Also, easiness to win the bonus or jackpot is has been passed on from the precious machines as well!!
Its debut will be at end of May that it is still little far away, but this machine has been waited for so long.
Let’s look forward to it!!
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