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Shin-Hana no Keiji2(Pachinko) by newgin

Today, we will be introducing a latest pachinko series of a popular manga “Hana no Keiji”.
Being a 10th anniversary machine, this machine has evolved as a successor to the “CR Shin Hana no Keiji” known for flashy renditions!!
As for its rendition aspect, this machine is loaded with super beautiful graphics and naked eye 3D monitor for the first time in its series.
With the traditional “Smoking Pipe” rendition, Keiji’s smoking pipe will fly out!!
It is also loaded with tons of accessories that enhance the excitement such as “family crest” accessory, which covers up the whole screen!!
It has already made its debut to parlors nationwide.
Let’s enjoy Keiji’s “kabuki” at parlors!!
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Shoko Nakagawa -Anime song connects around the world-(Pachinko) by Newgin

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of Shoko Nakagawa, a female TV personality who is known as “Shokotan”.
This main theme of this pachinko machine is “Anime Song Live Pachinko”, and player can enjoy Shoko Nakagawa, who is also an anime song singer herself, singing varieties of famous anime songs.
This machine is installed with the songs from “Dragon Ball”, “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, and “Yu Yu Hakusho”, but “Sorairo Days” of “Gurren Lagann”, which is sang by Shoko Nakagawa is also installed!!
This machine represents Nakagawa’s world as “Shokotan World”, and its unique worldview and features are worth seeing.
It is expected to make its debut in July.
This machine is a must play for all the anime song fans.

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Hana no Keiji X -Beyond the Clouds- (Pachinko) by newgin
The latest pachinko series of “Hana no Keiji” has finally been introduced!!
This series, being the 8th pachinko machine, is a popular pachinko series with its dynamic and exhilarating renditions and the amount of winnings player can get.
This machine successes the traditional rendition from the first machine and has been made even more powerful!!
With its 19-inch monitor, which is the biggest monitor within the pachinko industry, player gets to enjoy beautifully created videos in a newly made chassis!!
Also, player should pay special attention to its impactful accessories!!
If Keiji appears on the screen by pushing the lever located on the bottom left of the chassis, player might win the jackpot!!
It is expected to make its debut in November!!
Do not miss this masterpiece!!
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Bastard!! (Pachinko) by NEWGIN!!

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “BASTARD!!”, originally a dark fantasy manga written and illustrated by Kazushi Hagiwara.
It is a action/battle manga in which the protagonist, Dark Schneider (D•S), fights against angels and demons to bring peace to the world.
It is a highly popular manga that it has been serialized in a comic magazine since 1988.
As for this pachinko machine, player gets to choose the type of jackpots they want to play, from either “Muso Rush” or “Itazura Rush”. As the word “muso (meaning matchless)” suggest, player will be able to enjoy the power and strength of D•S. And for the “Itazura Rush”, meaning mischief, players will be excited for sure with sexy shots of the heroines.
Once the player hits a jackpot, its chance of a winning streak is whopping 94%!!
It is expected to make its debut on the 4th of April. Let’s feel the tremendous power of D•S!!

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Baki the Grappler (Pachinko) by newgin
“Baki the Grappler”, a highly popular martial arts manga that we previously introduced its pachislot machine, has finally been made into pachinko machine!!
One of the highlights of this pachinko machine is its intense 3D image with the theme of “reproduce the intensity of an original manga”!!
The battles between Baki Hanma and his rivals, which have been reproduced just like in the manga, gives us realistic sensation that could be more than its original work!!
Especially the battle between Baki and his biggest rival, his father “Yujiro Hanma”, is a must watch for all the fans!!
It is expected to make its debut next month!!
Let’s watch the mortal combat of Baki at the parlor!!
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Gifuu Doudou -Kanetsugu & Keiji- (Pachinko) by newgin
A spin-off of popular pachinko machine “Hana no Keiji” has been released!!
Kanetsugu Naoe, lifelong friend of Keiji, is the main character of this machine called “Gifuu Doudou”!!
Its original work is a manga in which retired Keiji recollects and narrates the memories of Kanetsugu.
Player gets to enjoy the story of “Hana no Keiji” from a different point of view!!
It is expected to make its debut on September!! Don’t miss it!!

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Devilman (Pachinko) by EXCITE

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Devilman”, one of the works of manga artists Go Nagai, who is also famous for “Mazinger Z”!!
As a fourth pachinko machine this time, the battle between Akira Fudo the Devilman and demon hordes is a must watch!!
This machine is loaded with high-resolution images for the first time in the history of “Devilman” pachinko!!
With Giga Button, the biggest button in the industry, mounted onto the new chassis of Lucifer, it will heat up the players for sure!!
It has already made its debut!!Rush to the parlor now!!
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Shin-Hana no Keiji (Pachinko) by newgin

Today, we will introduce a pachinko machine called “Shin-Hana no Keiji”, already played popularly at parlors nationwide.
Original manga is about Maeda Keiji, a real person of Sengoku period leading a riotous life. It is written by Tetsuo Hara, who is also famous for the “Fist of the North Star”.
This pachinko machine, the 2015 version, is the 7th machine of pachinko.
During a jackpot rendition, you get to choose a chapter you would like to play from the three following chapters; Chapter of Kaga, Chapter of Kyoto, and Chapter of Sado. Also, you get to enjoy 7 episodes within a chapter you choose.
Get jackpots and complete all 21 episodes!!

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Oh-Oku (Pachinko) by newgin

This time, we will be introducing a pachinko machine with a motif of “Ooku”, the harem of shogun, which supported Edo’s politics in secret!!
In order to express the reality of women’s swirling desire such as social status and love, production added a female staff to the team and was able to represent complicated relationship of “Ooku” in pachinko successfully!!
Obviously, the design of accessories and board face decorations has no oversight either!!
Can’t take eyes off of chassis and accessories resembling flamboyant Edo culture!!
“Ooku” with women’s severe battle that even men will be surprised will make its debut to pachinko parlor nationwide this March, 2015!!

Tokumei Kakaricho Tadano Hitoshi (Pachinko) by EXCITE

This time we will talk about a pachinko machine based on a popular office worker action manga that was even turned into a live-action TV series: Tokumei Kakarichō Tadano Hitoshi!!

During the day Tadano Hitoshi is a regular run of the mill office worker at a large advertising firm called Denodo, but he also has a secret mission from the company chairman to stamp out trouble within the company!!

Many of the situations from the original manga are preserved in this release during the reach animations!! It comes loaded with all kinds of accessories, large and small, as well as many live action cutscenes!!

Give it a shot, and experience the activities of the remarkable Tadano Hitoshi via pachinko.

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009 Re:Cyborg (Pachinko) by newgin

We’ve talked about the pachislot version of Cyborg 009 before, but now a pachinko version is out!
This machine ties in with the 3D animated movie 009 RE:CYBORG, which painted a new scenario for the Cyborg 009 world!
This movie brings speed and intensity through the direction of Kenji Kamiyama, who is famous for his work on Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.
In addition to this, the pachinko machine brings 3D VISION, and memorable accessories and other features to provide the unique, intense experience that only pachinko can bring!
Furthermore, there is a special episode that only exists on the machine!!
Experience an “acceleration mode” that is driving evolution at a hall near you!
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Sangokushi (Pachislot) by newgin

Today we will talk about pachislot machine “Sangokushi”!
It is based on the game by Koei Tecmo, which is based on a historical Chinese document, Sangokushi.
It features commanders like Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Lu Bu, and Cao Cao and their intense way of life is sure to thrill any player.
There was another machine with the same name by IGT, but this one has been completely redesigned to provide an even more exciting battle experience!!
An especially exciting part is the one-to-one fight between commanders.
The longer the battle goes on, the bigger the jackpot gets so use the lever to keep the battles going!!
This machine will be released in the coming days by Newgin.

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Magical Taluluto (Pachislot) by newgin
Today we will be talking about a pachislot machine based on the immensely popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga “Magical Taluluto”!!
Laugh and cry at the story of the powerful takoyaki-loving warlock Taluluto, and the stereotypically perverted elementary school boy Honmaru Edojo who can’t exercise or study as they grow up together.
Of course the heroine Iyona Kawai and Taluluto’s classmate Mimora make an appearance and the pachislot machine features animations that are faithful to the original manga and anime!!
So collect a lot of takoyaki and aim for the jackpot!!

・Pachislot machine(You can play without medal!)
【中古】パチスロ実機 ニューギン まじかる☆タルるートくん 【コイン不要機セット】届いた日に遊べる

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Samurai Champloo: Reincarnation (Pachislot) by newgin

This game is based on the series that continues to be popular release after released: Samurai Champloo.
We talked about the Pachinko version of Samurai Champloo 3 a while ago, and now it’s time to talk about the Pachislot version!
The drawing thing time uses 2D instead of 3D, and so it faithfully reproduces the feeling of the original series.
Experience an antic-filled journey, with just the right mix of style and comedy, with Mugen, Jin, and Fuu!

・Blu-ray disc box

サムライチャンプルー Blu-ray BOX (PS3再生・日本語音声可) (北米版)

Kanon No Mori (Pachinko) by newgin

Kanon No Mori is a game for “moe” Pachinko enthusiasts featuring intense battles between demons and Miko!!
Normally high school girls, Kana and Nene will transform into beautiful Miko to exterminate demons!!
What happens when the sacred “Shinsō” appears…? You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the transformation scene!!
Set in the former capital, Kyoto, set off with the 2 Miko to exterminate the demons!!

Baki the Grappler (Pachislot) by newgin
Baki the Grappler, who opened up a new dimension of grappling manga, will make a debut into Pachislot at last!
Do not miss the overwhelming battle of grapplers who seek the strongest territory!!!
It will be released in March 2014!!!

・Yujiro “Ogre” Hamma’s figurine

フィギュアーツZERO 範馬 勇次郎

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 The SLOT (Pachislot) by newgin

The newest installment of the wildly popular game and anime series “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona” has made its Pachislot debut.
Experience the same detailed world and rich characters of the series in Pachislot form!
Released by newgin Group, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 The SLOT is currently getting great reviews.

TVアニメ「ペルソナ4」 ねんどろいど クマ (ノンスケール ABS&PVC塗装済み可動フィギュア)