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Momo Kyun Sword3 (Pachinko) by NISHIJIN

A pachinko machine we will be introducing today, is the latest pachinko machine of a popular content “Momo Kyun Sword”!!
It remains some of the popular renditions from the previous machine, but it came back with tons of new rendition that it is more powerful than ever.
Player gets to choose the jackpot rendition from two options, and various renditions give excitement to the player.
Its customization system has improved as well, that more you play, the more item for customization you can get. Player also gets to choose the BGM and renditions they want to see.
It is expected to make its debut on 30th of May!!
Don’t miss it!!

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The Ambition of Oda Nobuna (Pachinko) byNISHIJIN

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “The Ambition of Oda Nobuna”, originally a light novel written by Mikage Kasuga.
The story plots itself in a world where warlord Oda Nobunaga exist as a young girl named Oda Nobuna, and the main male protagonist of this story, Yoshiharu Sagara, suddenly finds himself in the Sengoku period, where he falls in love with Nobuna and battles against other warlords.
Starting with Oda Nobuna, a lot of beautiful female characters make their appearances.
As for this pachinko machine, it is loaded with images from TV anime that was aired in 2012, as well as original renditions using the elements of “moe” such as “cosplay” and “tsundere”.
It has already made its debut to the parlor.
Let’s give this pachinko a try.

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Monkey Turn -The Winner of Godspeed-(Pachinko) by NISHIJIN
Today, we will be introducing the latest pachinko machine of “Monkey Turn”, a popular kyotei (hydroplane racing) manga.
With so much renditions added to this machine, there are so many renditions to pay attention.
On top of the rivals up to this point, compelling race battles with Shunya Shiosaki and Chiaki Kushida is a must watch!! Also, the new rendition of “vacation mode”, a rendition in which female characters appear in swimsuit, is a must watch as well!!
And at last, the highlight of this machine is the “VICTORY ROAD”, which occurs after the jackpot.
Once you are in the “VICTORY ROAD”, the jackpot continues with the rate of 90%!!
It is a huge chance to win a lot of jackpots!!
Expected month of debut is this coming February!!
Leave all the rivals behind and win the title of fastest!!
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The Rose of Versailles(Pachinko) byNISHIJIN

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine using the motif of “The Rose of Versailles”.
Its original work is written and illustrated by Riyoko Ikeda, one of the best-known titles in shojo manga.
Based on a historical fact, this manga illustrates the life of beautiful cross-dresser and Dauphine Marie Antoinette back in the 18th century of France.
Being the 5th pachinko machine of the same title, it is loaded with a new rendition that as time advances between 1772 and 1791, the chance of winning also increases.
Packed with splendid image and romances, it is expected to make its debut on the 21st of December.
Don’t miss it.

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Kikaider S.I.C (Pachinko) by NISHIJIN

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of tokusatsu superhero “Kikaider”, created by Shotaro Ishinomori who is famous for “Kamen Rider”.
This machine is made with a collaboration of S.I.C, a chogokin (super alloy) series of Tamashii Nations, a reputable figure manufacturer.
Tokusatsu superhero from 40 years ago turns into an elaborate form by the hands of best creators.
This machine is expected to make its debut on June and it is a must play for tokusatsu and figure fans.

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Monkey Turn -dareyorimo hayaku- (Pachinko) by NISHIJIN

Today we will introduce the pachinko version of a manga that we talked about before with regards to pachislot: Monkey Turn.
The pachinko version doesn’t just have cool graphics, it’s gotten a power-up in the form of a motorboat propeller accessory!
If the propeller turns quickly in the center of the screen, the main character Kenji Hatano’s hopes of winning go up!
Furthermore, when a battle is won, the LCD an accessory lamp work together to make a giant V-Flash!!
Aim for a grand slam in the as you control the many battles against your rivals!
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Momo Kyun Sword (Pachinko) by NISHIJIN

Today we will introduce “Momo Kyun Sword,” a pachinko based on the quintessential Japanese folktale Momotarō, which is currently airing as an anime.
Momoko, the peaceful protagonist, suddenly has her home, The Peach Blossom Spring, invaded by Jyakiō and his army!!
She sets off on an adventure with her comrades Inugami, Sarugami, and Kijigami to recover the treasure that was stolen from her home.
Her rival Onihime, who is just as powerful as her, will also be featured!!
This machine also adds a “moe” effect by turning Momotarō into a woman.
The adventure-fantasy pachinko Momo Kyun Sword will be released this September!!

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Symphonic Psalms Eureka Seven (Pachinko) by NISHIJIN
“Eureka Seven” was introduced in pachislot in the past, but now it will come to pachinko!
Of course it comes with a beautiful high-accuracy LCD screen, but the best feature about this machine is the famous songs it comes loaded with.
10 songs were used from works like DAYS, Shounen Heart, and STORY WRITER, so fans are sure to be pleased!
Enjoy the beautiful masterpieces, inspiring drama, and intense battles in the pachinko world of Eureka Seven.

・Figurine of Nirvash type zero

ROBOT魂[SIDE LFO] ニルヴァーシュ type the END