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Kaibutsu-kun -Sword of Demon- (Pachinko) by OKUMURA
“Kaibutsu-kun”, a masterpiece of manga written by a popular comic artist Fujiko Fujio (A) is now being revived as a pachinko machine!?
“Kaibutsu-kun” is a comedy manga depicting the troubles of Kaibutsu-kun causes while traveling from Monster Land to the Human Realm.
Debuting as a pachinko machine this time, there are remarkable comical rendition unique to “Kaibutsu-kun” and battle rendition you can only enjoy as a pachinko.
Battle between Monster Land companions led by Kaibutsu-kun and demon group Demonish is achieved as a full computer graphics, packed with a punch.
Let’s enjoy the timeless world of “Kaibutsu-kun” at a pachinko parlor.
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Sanki Ryouran (Pachinko) by OKUMURA

Today we will talk about a pachinko machine that features characters from the Koei Tecmo Games series NINJA GAIDEN and DEAD OR ALIVE: Sanki Ryouran.
3 especially popular characters will be on the front lines during a warring period: Ayane, Rachel and Momiji!!
The speedy battle scenes are skillfully reproduced on the large LCD monitor!!
Experience the game action of three sexy ladies through pachinko!!

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Urusei Yatsura -Dengeki Love Attack- (Pachinko) by OKUMURA
“Urusei Yatsura,” which we introduced before as a Pachislot machine, will come out as a Pachinko machine soon!
There have already been 5 models to date, and this one will show off the evolution of the franchise.
The new model has a new chassis, a higher quality display, and many specially drawn scenes from classic episodes. There will else be a record-breaking number of characters!
In particular the included popular episode “After You’ve Gone” is a must see for fans. Of course, the jackpot rate is high!
Enjoy “Rumic World,” the unique world created by Rumiko Takahashi.

Also, we’ll introduce all of the previous machines now. Maybe if you search enough pachinko parlors and game centers you will find them all!
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うる星やつら ARTFX J ラムちゃん (1/7スケール PVC塗装済み完成品)

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Psychometrer Eiji (Pachinko) by OKUMURA
The popular manga Psychometrer Eiji has come to Pachinko at last!
Our hero, Eiji Asuma has the power of psychometry, which means he can deduce a person or object’s history just by touching them.
Together with Detective Ryoko Shima, who he met during the Moebius murder case, he solves mysteries.
You will be able to experience the power of psychometry too in this game!!
If you touch the screen and the “G-Cyclone” accessory starts up, you are within arm’s reach of a jackpot!!

Basilisk -Book of the Kouga Ninja Arts- (Pachinko) by OKUMURA

Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls, which portrays an epic 10 vs 10 ninjutsu battle, has come to Pachislot already and is now coming to Pachinko!
With the fierce battling with Yakushiji Tenzen, and the beautiful, fleeting romance with Oboro, this game perfectly recreates the charm of the original series.
In addition, the chassis of the machine has scrolls, kunai, and other ninja-themed accessories attached in what it dubs “Basilisk Vision!”
Try it out and experience the surprise and excitement of “Ninjutsu.”


UFO Rush (Pachinko) by OKUMURA

The mysterious space girl Nanase is coming?!
In order to complete her succession to the throne, Nanase, the queen of Selen, is fixing many different problems with her servants Tycho and Chuchu!
Nanase’s cuteness is in full swing!! Let’s go on an exciting trip to space!!