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Ys Ⅰ&Ⅱ (Pachislot) by RODEO

A pachislot machine of “Ys” has been released!!
Makoto Shinkai, who is famous for writing and directing a blockbuster film of “Your Name.”, created its opening movie.
Its original work is a “Ys Series”, pioneer video game of action RPG.
Out of the 8 titles of Ys, this machine plots itself in the 1st and 2nd work.
This pachislot machine is loaded with a gaming feature of an actual RPG games that player can collect gold coins by defeating the monsters and buy items.
It also uses an actual BGM that is used by its original work, that Ys fans should definitely play this machine.
It has already made its debut.
Let’s enjoy the world of Ys at the parlor!!

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Inuyasha(Pachislot) by RODEO
Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Inuyasha”, a manga written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi!!
Its original work is highly popular that it has been serialized in a weekly manga magazine called “Shonen Sunday” for 12 years, and it has sold over 40 million copies.
Since this is the first pachislot machine of “Inuyasha”, this machine is loaded with all the episodes to show and maximize the world of “Inuyahsa”.
Players get to enjoy an impactful images and renditions like the battle against “Naraku”, the nemesis, on a big monitor!!
“Pieces of four souls” holds the key to victory.
Also, it might be a chance if one side of the reel lines up!!
It is expected to make its debut on December 19th!!
Let’s all wait for Rodeo, the pachislot maker, to create a exciting machine!!
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Salaryman Kintaro (pachislot) by RODEO

Today we will introduce a pachislot machine based on the popular work of manga artist Hiroshi Motomiya: Salaryman Kintarō!!
It has been legendary since the 1990s among readers of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine!!

It naturally contains the unheard-of gameplay of Kintarō Yajima, a company employee who works while remaining faithful to his own beliefs,
but also has appearances by characters like Misuzu and Ryuta which really gets things going!!
The newest entry in this series, which is familiar because it has been made into pachinko and pachislot before, will make its long awaited debut into pachinko parlors in January 2015!!

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Monster Hunter series (Pachinko/Pachislot)
Today is a special feature about the Monster Hunter series, in which Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was just released for the 3DS on October 11.
As for its Monster Hunter’s history, there has been 1 pachinko release and 2 pachislot releases that used the following IP:

Pachislot Monster Hunter (All games up to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite)
Pachislot Monster Hunter Gekkaraimei (All games up to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd G)
Pachinko Monster Hunter (All games up to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite)

As you can see, the above versions are the main ones in use in the over 4,000,000 copies sold.
Especially in Gekkaraimei, the player’s monster suppression is linked with the stop button and if you get a good chance result, you can use a big barrel bomb or do critical damage.
It’s exciting because it combines exciting gaming with pachislot!
And to celebrate this, we will unveil a video that shows the monster suppression on both pachinko and pachislot.

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