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Warriors OROCHI(Pachinko) by SanThree
A pachinko machine of a popular action game series of “Warriors” called “Warriors OROCHI” has been released!!
Its original work sets its setting in a world where “Dynasty Warriors” and “Samurai Warriors” has fused, fighting against a nemesis called Orochi.
With this new pachinko machine, it is loaded with tons of renditions to stimulate players, as its concept is “Super Experiential Battle Pachinko”!!
Especially during the battle with enemy general, player gets to enjoy various button actions that player can experience exhilaration unique only to “Warriors” series!!
It is expected to make its debut on November 6th.
Enjoy the overwhelming battle at the parlor!!
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Yatterman (Pachinko) by SanThree

Today, we will introduce a pachinko machine of “Yatterman”, a new machine that has just been announced.
Yatterman has been on TV for more than 40 years now.
It is the 2nd show of the Time Bokan series by Tatsunoko Productions.
With new “Yatterman Night” airing from this January, Time Bokan series are widely popular and well known with their excellent content that its series have been made into pachinko with different manufactures 5 times in the past.
This new pachinko machine gathers all heroes from 7 series of Time Bokan.
Its debut is expected on June.
Don’t miss it.

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GO! GO! Marin (Pachinko) by SanThree
Today, we will be introducing the latest series of most popular pachinko machine’s spinoff, “GO! GO! Marin“!
This pachinko machine features the heroine of Sea Story series.
Actions of charmingly deformed characters are must see!
On top, there is a new original device to level up your excitement.
Not only the animations, but you also get to enjoy the ball’s movement, which is the fundamental fun of pachinko!
This cute pachinko machine filled with excitement agreed by pachinko fans has already been introduced to pachinko parlor nationally.
Give it a try!
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Samurai Warriors (Pachinko) by SanThree
Today we will introduce a game based on the Warring States period of Japan: Samurai Warriors.
It features a new chassis called “Mega Pato Cyclon Z” which is not only very spiffy, but also has the industry’s first mode-switching button to help make controlling pachinko balls easier.
It includes familiar characters from the game series, and the origin of Yukimura Sanada.
Experience the combination of thrilling scenes and easy-to-understand gameplay in this one of a kind machine. It is scheduled for a September release.

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