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Autorace -Speed Star Katsuyuki Mori- (Pachinko) by TAKAO

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine using the theme of an “Auto Race”, a Japanese version of motorcycle speedway but with gambling added.
This pachinko machine features an auto racer called Katsuyuki Mori, who is known for being a member of iconic Japanese boy band called SMAP until 1996.
With a full back up from the auto race industry, this pachinko machine reproduces the world of auto race perfectly.
A rendition that makes player feel like he/she is actually racing is a must see.
It is expected to make its debut in February next year.Don’t miss it.

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Zenigata Heiji with by TAKAO

A pachinko machine we will be introducing this time is “Zenigata Heiji with”, a collaborated pachinko machine of popular Jidaigeki drama “Zenigata Heiji series” and popular idol group of “”.
Its original work sets its plot in Edo period, and its story revolves around Zenigata Heiji who stamps out social evils and solves difficult cases.
Also, there is a big chance of player winning a jackpot when the accessory of “Hoei coin”, a coin thrown by Zenigata Heiji in the original drama drops!!
There are many renditions by loaded, as well as original songs you can only listen to with this pachinko machine.
It is expected to make its debut next January.
Don’t miss it!!
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DD Fist of the North Star(Pachinko) by TAKAO
Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “DD Fist of the North Star”, a parody manga of “Fist of the North Star”!!
Even as a pachinko machine, it is filled with gags and jokes just like in the original manga!!
There are renditions in which deformed characters of Kenshiro and others run around in the monitor, as well as lots of accessories such as “Ascension Vision” that jumps up from the bottom of the monitor!!
This machine could be the biggest rival of “Fist of the North Star” pachinko series!
It is expected to make its debut in August!!
Don’t miss it!!
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Real Onigokko (Pachinko) by TAKAO
Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Real Onigokko (meaning tag)”, which was originally a popular novel written by Yusuke Yamada.
Its story is a survival horror that people with the same characteristics (like last names ,other like occupations) becomes the target of the tag, and they get killed once they get caught by “it”. It has also been made into a movie as well.
One of the distinctive characteristics of this pachinko machine is that player gets to play from the “it” point of view. Unlike the thrill of getting chased, player can enjoy chasing targets.
It has already made its debut to the parlor. Give it a try.

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Queen’s Blade2(Pachinko) byTakao

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Queen’s Blade”, which is already being played at the parlor.
Its original work of “Queen’s Blade” is an anime based on a battle gamebook of the same title.
It is a story about young beautiful female warriors entering into a battle contest of who is going to be the next queen.
Being a second pachinko machine of the series, characters from “Queen’s Blade Rebellion” make their appearances as well.
Enjoy the sexy battles of beautiful warriors.

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BRUCE LEE The Game of Death (Pachinko) by TAKAO

Today we will be introducing a pachinko machine of Bruce Lee’s movie “Game of Death”, since we found a high-profile video on YouTube.
This machine is loaded with lots of action scenes from the masterpiece of “Game of Death”. It uses Bruce Lee’s famous yellow and black tracksuit as an item to raise the chance of hitting a jackpot, and you get to enjoy “anger rendition” which is a rendition that more angry Bruce Lee gets, the chance of hitting a jackpot raises.
This pachinko machine is filled with love towards Bruce Lee, that it uses Bruce Lee’s famous quotes as a rendition such as “The greatest victory in this world is a victory against oneself”.

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Sadako 3D (Pachinko) by TAKAO

Today, we will be introducing “Sadako 3D”, the latest series of “Ring” by Koji Suzuki who is the pioneer of Japanese horror novels.
This machine uses naked eye 3D for the images, and movie of arm coming out of the monitor reminds you of the nightmare drawn in the original novel!!
“Curse of 0”, which occur at fixed times, LED of the monitor turns off to stir up you fear.
Accessory using the motif of Sadako’s arm is still active also!!
Arm of Sadako moves at various timings to stir up your expectations!!
It’ll make its debut to the parlor on 6th of April.Can’t take your eyes off from impending fear!!

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Dankyu Mokushiroku Kaiji 3 (Pachinko) by TAKAO
Today we will talk about a pachinko machine based on Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s Kaiji, which has been made into a manga, an anime, and a live action film starring Tatsuya Fujiwara!!
Fans have been waiting for this machine, the third in the series.
It’s unique world is preserved as-is, and the large number of tense cutscenes is sure to not bore the player.
Players will surely be surprised at the new large see-through “IMPACT HYODO FACE” screen which comes attached to the “SPIRAL IMPACT” chassis!
The long awaited arrival will happen in February 2015, so get out and experience the world of Kaiji!!

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BRAVE10 (Pachinko) by TAKAO
The popular manga and anime BRAVE10 has finally come to pachinko!
Set in the Warring States period where hopes and dreams come and go, the battle between the Sanada Ten Braves and evil will begin!!
With this pachinko game, featuring glamorous and heroic ninjutsu battles, comes a “giant kunai” accessory modeled after the main character Saizou Kirigakure’s weapon.
There’s action that is ever-changing to suit the current in-game situation!
Take note of it’s parlor debut date: this December!
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Double Raideen (Pachinko) by TAKAO (Brave Raideen) (Reideen)

The famous robot anime “Brave Raideen,” and the story that gave birth to Raideen, “Reideen,” have been combined together in an original collaboration for pachinko: Double Raideen!!
There are many elaborate accessories attached to the chassis, such as the Gadion Sword and God Bird.
You can experience the best of both through the animation of this pachinko project.
Especially the stunning quality of the animation during the reach battle sequence between longtime foe Gadion, which utilizes the accessories as well!
Fans of robot anime must absolutely try out this masterpiece!
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Punishment Pyramidden -With Manami Marutaka- (Pachinko) by TAKAO

Today we are going to talk about Rakuen’s pachinko machine “Punishment Pyramidden.”
The story starts with Cleopatra, who possesses unparalleled beauty, setting off to find the treasure of the pyramids.
Can Cleopatra make it to the treasure, which is guarded by six guardian deities?
If you win against the beautiful deities, you will be met with a barrage of jackpots!
Manami Marutaka, a current idol in Japan, also makes an appearance in the game to bring the excitement to the max!!

丸高愛実 まなみ色5 [DVD]

Ikki Tousen 2 (Pachinko) by TAKAO
A pachinko version of the hit anime “Ikki-Tousen” has appeared from Takao.
The key them of this second publication is “35 beautiful young female warriors battling.” All of the series’ characters will make an appearance.
This one is sure to please anime and pachinko fans alike, and will be released in December 2013.


Figma 一騎当千Great Guardians 関羽雲長