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Silent Hill (Pachislot) by TAKASAGO

Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of KONAMI’s popular horror game, “Silent Hill”.
The release of this machine has been controversial not only in Japan but worldwide, due to the discontinuation of a latest game directed by Hideo Kojima.
But the renditions of images and gaming characteristics making best of horror game is worth seeing.
It is already at the parlor. Give this machine a try when you get a chance to.

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Castlevania (Pachinko) by TAKASAGO

A pachinko machine we will be introducing today is “Castlevania”, which is a popular action game developed and published by Konami.
Among the multiple series, this machine is based on “Castlevania: Rondo of Blood”.
Primary character of Richter Belmont fights intensely with the forces of Count Dracula!!
Accessories such as Grand Cross will lead players to a victory with maximum excitement!!
When the battles against Count Dracula occur, something might happen even if you lose!!
Expected month of debut is this coming October.Don’t miss it!!

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Sky Girls –Zero, Again- (Pachislot) by TAKASAGO

Today, we will be introducing the second pachislot machine of “Sky Girls” called “Sky Girls –Zero, Again-“.
The first pachislot machine still has deep-rooted popularity that many players have been waiting long for this new one come.
Most of the renditions still remain a mystery, but members of Sonic Diver Unit such as Otoha, Karen, Eika, and Elise still plays an active roll for this new machine!!
You also can’t keep your eyes off of Vic Viper, a spin-off of Konami’s famous masterpiece, ‘Gradius’.
It is expected to make its debut in August 2015!!Let’s blast off into the sky with Sky Girls!!
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Gun Sword (Pachislot) by TAKASAGO
After being aired on TV as an animation in 2005, it expanded itself into comics and video games.
Now, a popular content of “Gun x Sword” is finally a pachislot machine!!
What you should notice is the main revenge battle with increased jackpot!!
Winning percentage of a battle is quite high that it is at least 77%, it will sure to heat up players at various points!!
The battles fought by robots called “Yoroi” is a must see!!
Retaliate with Van to a “clawed man”
Expected date of debut is this coming June. Don’t miss it.
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Terror of the Stratus (Pachislot) by TAKASAGO
Today we will talk about a pachislot based on a 2011 PSP game released by Konami: Terror of the Stratus.
The selling point of this machine is the battle between humanity and a sudden mysterious invader called the “Meme,” but here at Pachinko Gateway the thing we are focusing the most on is the collection of extravagant voice actors that bring it to life!!
The main character, Seishiro Kudan, is voiced by Mamoru Miyano from popular series like Death Note and Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
The heroine, Misogi Takanosu, is voiced by Aya Endo from a series so popular that it was already turned into pachislot: MACROSS Frontier’s Sheryl Nome.
Aside from that, there are many others such as Hitomi Nabatame and Megumi Ogata who help bring the machine to life like a video game!!
You definitely don’t want to miss out on the pachislot Terror of the Stratus, with the strong voice acting that makes it exciting. Try it out at a pachinko parlor!!
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Magical Halloween (Pachinko) by TAKASAGO

Today we will introduce the newest pachinko machine from KONAMI, the company responsible for the hit “Metal Gear Solid” and “Silent Hill” series: “Magical Halloween”!!
Magical Halloween was a popular enough series to be made into pachislot, and has an overwhelmingly high reputation amongst its users.
This game’s setting is the showdown between the academy that the main character Alice attends, Bergamot Magic Academy, and Valentine Magic Academy that only happens once every fifty years.
Of course Alice’s childhood friend Rose’s activities are included, as well as Frost and Noir who you won’t be able to keep your eyes off of.
Pachinko Magical Halloween is set for a mid-June release. We can’t wait for it!
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The anime Sky Girls, which has characters designed by Fumikane Shimada, has been made into a Pachislot machine.
The Sonic Diver Unit, Otoha, Karen, and Eika, pilot the Sonic Divers and do battle with the WORMs just like in the original.
The characters Elise and Aisha are “chance characters.” If Elise comes out, you get a chance for a jackpot, and if Aisha comes out you win it!!
Why not play an active role in the Sonic Diver Unit?

スカイガールズ ラジオCD Vol.1