①About Pachinko Parlors

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There are about 10,000 pachinko parlors in Japan.
Parlors are commonly located around train stations and other places where many people gather.
Pachinko parlors have a signboard outside with the word “PACHINKO”, you can spot pachinko parlors easily.
If the signboard also says “SLOT”, that means there are pachislot machines within that parlor, but most parlors have both pachislot and pachinko machines.
Most parlors operate from 10AM to 10PM.
※Persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted in pachislot parlors and are not permitted to play pachislot.

②About Burrowing Pachinko Balls

Little while ago, it was common to burrow one pachinko balls for 4 yen.
But there are many parlors renting out the pachinko balls with lower rate these days.
If you are playing with the rate of 4 yen, and if you don’t hit any jackpots, this would mean you would be spending over 10,000 yen just within an hour.
We suggest you play with lower rates (such as 1 yen per pachinko ball) first.

③How to Choose the Machine

There are many pachinko machines inside a parlor, and you get to choose a machine that you would like to play.
With pachinko machine, the percentages of hitting a jackpot are different on each machine.
Most parlors have a notice of the jackpot rate above each machine. (See below)
Please use this notice as a reference for your choice.

99 198 319

Roughly divided, there are 3 different jackpot rates

・“Amadeji” Type (For beginners)
“Amadeji” refers to a pachinko machine with a jackpot rate lower than 1/150.
Many parlors have pachinko machine with a jackpot rate of 1/99 so that players can enjoy lots of jackpots.

・(Light) Middle Type
(Light) Middle refers to a pachinko machine with a jackpot rate from 1/150 to 1/300.
Compared to “Amadeji” type, players can usually win more pachinko balls.

・Hish-spec Type
High-spec type refers to a machine with the jackpot rate over 1/300.
It is quite hard to hit a jackpot, but this machine gives out the most pachinko balls when the jackpot is hit.

※Please note that you cannot win a jackpot just by spinning the reels in a certain amount of times.
You may win with just 1,000 yen, but there are times you don’t win even with 10,000 yen.
So, it would be wise to decide how much money you want to spend.
Also, it is important to know how many times you can spin the reels.
If you are playing the machine with the rate of 1 yen per pachinko ball, try to choose a machine that spins more than 70 times with 1,000 yen.

When choosing a machine, let’s check if that machine is not being played by other player.

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As shown above, if there is a handkerchief, pachinko balls or other things on the machine, this means someone is “keeping“ that machine.
Please avoid these machines.
Please choose a machine that has nothing on it.

④How to Burrow Pachinko Balls

After choosing a machine that you would like to play, you will need to insert money into a machine.
(For pachinko machines, it is usually located on the left of the pachinko machine)
After inserting money, you will burrow the pachinko balls by pressing “Burrow Balls” button.
Players then can shoot out pachinko balls by turning the handle.
※Pachinko is played by burrowing pachinko balls from a parlor.
Do not bring in or bring out the balls.

⑤How to Play Pachinko

The reels on the monitor will start spinning once the ball passes through an opening shown above on the panel.
More you turn the handle, balls will shoot out stronger and further.
Adjust the handle so that balls will pass through an opening.
It is quite standard to aim little left of the center, as shown above.
You can keep shooting out the balls even when the reels are spinning.
When the reels are spinning, you can stock up the number of times the balls passed through an opening, up to 4 balls.
(There are some machines that can stock up to 8 balls)
You can check the number of your stocks on the monitor or by the number of lamps lit on the panel.
If you already have 4 stocks, you should wait until the reels stops spinning, since it would be a waste of your pachinko balls.
Use a stop button on the handle to stop shooting out the balls.
It’s a jackpot if the same numbers line up!
When you hit a jackpot, a gate called “attacker” opens.
Aim your pachinko balls here.
(The position of an attacker is different on each machine.)
Some machines have an attacker on the right side of the panel.
In this case, turn the handle to its maximum position so that balls will shoot out furthest, reaching the attacker located on right)

If the machine tells you to aim right, then please follow its instructions.
When you hit a jackpot, lots of pachinko balls come out from the bottom saucer.
Please move the balls to “Dollar Box” before it overflows and pours out by sliding the knob to your left.
※For some machine, you might have to push the knob instead of sliding it)
When the “dollar box” gets filled with pachinko balls, let’s call parlor staffs to bring you a new dollar box.
You can call the staffs by pushing “call” button located above.
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And when you call them, they will bring you a new dollar box.
Staffs will place your filled up dollar box right beneath your seat.
※Some parlors have ball counter instead of a dollar box.

⑥How to Take a Break

If you are leaving the machine just for few minutes, it is okay to leave your pachinko balls.
But if you are leaving for more than 10 minutes, you will need to tell parlor staff that you are taking a break.
Press “call” button to tell the staff you are taking a break.
Many parlors have a break room, so feel free to use this room when taking a break.
※When returning to your machine, press “call” button again to tell that you came back.

⑦How to Finish Playing

When finishing your play, please check to make sure that you are not leaving behind any pachinko balls.
①If you still have money left in the machine, you can collect it back by pushing “refund” button.
②When you push this button, IC card or IC coin will come out from the machine.
Please don’t forget to do this if you haven’t used up all of your money you inserted.
※If you are leaving your machine for a long time (such as for bathroom and meals), please make sure to press “refund” button and bring IC card or IC coins with you.
This way, you can avoid unnecessary troubles such as theft.
If you have pachinko balls left, press “call” button to ask the staff to count how many pachinko balls you have.
If you tell l the staff that you are done playing, the staff will bring your pachinko balls to a machine that counts pachinko balls (called Jet Counter).
Then you will receive a receipt (or an IC card) with the number of pachinko balls you have won.
※If you don’t have any pachinko balls left, you can just leave the parlor.

⑧How to Exchange Your Pachinko Balls

Bring your receipt (or an IC card) to a booth with prizes.
There are daily necessaries, toys and snacks, so choose the prize you would like to exchange within the amount of medals you have won.
You can also exchange your winnings to an actual gold.
After exchanging your winnings, and if you still have money left in your IC card of IC coins, make sure to collect back your money.
You will need to insert your IC card or IC coin to a money adjusting machine.
※Please don’t forget to collect your money back, as IC card or IC coins can be only refunded within that day.
If you have any questions, please ask parlor staffs nearby.
Also, there may be a shop nearby that will buy a gold that you have won.

Important Notice

You are just burrowing pachinko balls from the parlor.
Please do not bring in or bring out the balls.
Also, persons under the age of 18 years are not permitted to enter into a parlor.