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MAH-JONG FIGHT CLUB (Pachinko) by Konami Amusement


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of a highly popular mahjong game “Mahjong Fight Club”.
A lot of professional mahjong players belonging to Japan Professional Mahjong League will make their appearance.
First, let’s aim for a jackpot called “Fight Club Rush” by aligning the numbers.
During this “Fight Club Rush”, the jackpot will continue if the player wins within 4 turns.
Number of winning balls differs by yaku (the winning hands), so pray for a big hand.
Also, hot and sexy photos of popular female mahjong professionals such as Nikaido sisters and Mari Takamiya are loaded.
It is expected to make its debut in June.Don’t miss it!

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Today, we will be introducing a slot machine of highly popular mahjong game, “Mah-jong Fight Club”!!
A lot of professional mahjong players belonging to Japan Professional Mahjong League make their appearances on the screen.
Since the battle situation changes depending on the play mode, you get to feel like you are really playing mahjong!!
You also get to enjoy swimwear photoshoots of Mari Takamiya, who is a professional mahjong player as well as bikini model.
When you win against top 4 professionals, hope for a huge jackpot!!
It is already being played at the parlor.If you like mahjong, rush to the parlor now!!
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Mahjong Kiden (Pachinko) by Sansei R&D


Today we will introduce Mahjong Kiden, a battle pachinko machine featuring a large number of famous voice actors.
Famous voice actors like Aki Toyosaki, the voice of K-ON!’s Yui Hirasawa, and Aya Hirano, the voice of Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Not only that, it features pro Mahjong players to help boost the level of excitement.
Also, when you hit a jackpot there is a good chance you will get two or more jackpots in what is dubbed the “V.V. Loop System”!
Experience the bliss of self sustaining jackpots! The awaited arrival is set for February 2nd. Try it out at a nearby pachikno parlor!!

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