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Saint Seiya Poseidon Awakening (Pachislot) by SANYO


Today, we will be introducing a latest pachislot machine of “Saint Seiya”, originally a popular manga written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada.
This machine sets itself in a “Poseidon Act” that player will be battling against generals.
As for the “General Battle”, since player wins the “Saint Rush” if Seiya wins the battle 3 times in a row, player will sure to be excited each time Seiya wins the “General Battle”!!
Also, “Saint Rush” starts from a special zone called “Pegasus Awakening” that it is a huge chance for the players!!
And if “Athena” freezes, player will be seeing something very special and amazing!!
It has already made its debut.
Let’s give this new machine a try!!

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Saint Seiya -Athena Seisen- (Pachislot) by SANYO

The latest pachislot series of “Saint Seiya” has been released at last!!
Chassis has been renewed for this machine, as well as its new characteristic of player winning the jackpot all on his/her own.
As for the rendition aspect, on top of the usual battles against Gold Saints and the nemesis of Saga, the “War of a Thousand Days”, “Generals Battle” will be invoked when a player gets a premium bonus!!
Player gets to win a large amount of jackpot along with battles against Generals from the Poseidon series, which is the first re-enactment of the story for a pachislot machine!!
Expected month of debut is September!!
Enhance your “Cosmo” and awaken the seven senses!!
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