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Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of a popular fighting game of “DEAD OR ALIVE”, which has sold over 9.7 million copies throughout its series!
Its gaming nature is quite unique to a fighting game, that reward player gets depends on how the battle proceeds.
Jackpot might be near once the “TAG Battle” occurs!!
And there might be an additional reward for a rendition unique to each battle stages!!
Beat all the enemies to get the most winnings possible!!
It is expected to make its debut in August.
Lets experience gripping and breathless battles!!
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Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “NINJA GAIDEN”.
Its original work is a major hit action adventure game that got high reputation worldwide.
The quality and the world image expressed in the original work remains, and since the story moves on as the player wins more jackpots, this machine will never bore the players!!
And as for the rendition aspect, this machine is loaded with an extra monitor located below the chassis. When the action heats up, it uses this extra monitor on top of the large main monitor to heat up the player as well.
Players get to enjoy the spectacular actions of a Ninja!!
It is expected to make its debut around beginning of February.
Let’s wait with patience!!
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Sanki Ryouran (Pachinko) by OKUMURA


Today we will talk about a pachinko machine that features characters from the Koei Tecmo Games series NINJA GAIDEN and DEAD OR ALIVE: Sanki Ryouran.
3 especially popular characters will be on the front lines during a warring period: Ayane, Rachel and Momiji!!
The speedy battle scenes are skillfully reproduced on the large LCD monitor!!
Experience the game action of three sexy ladies through pachinko!!

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