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骷髏13″簡体字” Golgo 13 (骷髏13)”繁体字” by SANKYO


至今已逾50年并持续连续刊载中的惊愕漫画「Golgo 13 (骷髅13)」的角子机登场了!
游戏者需完成任务才能获得大量硬币,因此让游戏者完全沉浸在Golgo 13的世界里。
已导入全国各游戏店。Golgo 13 的粉丝更要体验一下!

在日本沒有人不知道Golgo 13 (骷髏13)(主角:迪克東鄉)這部相當有人氣的漫畫。
至今已逾50年並持續連載中的驚愕漫畫「Golgo 13 (骷髏13)」的博青嫂登場了!
玩家需完成任務才能獲得大量代幣,因此讓玩家完全的沉浸在Golgo 13的世界裡。
已導入全國各遊戲店。Golgo 13 的粉絲務必要來體驗一下!
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Golgo 13 (Pachislot) by SANKYO


There is no Japanese that doesn’t know about Golgo 13, also known by the pseudonym Duke Togo.
Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Golgo 13”, a manga that has started its publication 50 years ago and is still in publication.
Starting with hard-boiled renditions, this machine is loaded with 7 episodes from its original work, including “Eva, Heading for the Sea” and “Queen of Mystery”.
Player will win lots of medals by completing missions, so that player can be immersed in the world of “Golgo 13”.
It has already made its debut to the parlors nationwide.
Give it a try if you are a Golgo 13 fan.
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