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Blood+ 2 (Pachislot) by TAIYO ELEC


Today, we will be introducing a second pachislot machine of “Blood+”, which was created and became popular in 2005, and turned into a pachislot machine in 2010.
Its original work is an anime series produced by Production I.G, known for their works such as “Ghost in the Shell” and “PSYCHO-PASS”.
The story of “Blood+” revolves around a protagonist of Saya Otonashi, along with other characters, who learns their secrets and fights against the nemesis called Diva and a hematophagous bat-like creature called Chiropteran.
“BLOOD EYE” triggers the start of everything, and there is a chance of victory whenever BLOOD EYE lines up!!
The biggest selling point of this machine is the succession of “DEAD or ALIVE” rendition from its original pachislot machine, that players will be sure to get excited once they draw the 50% chance of “ALIVE”!!
It is expected to make its debut on 4th of September.Don’t miss it!!

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BLOOD+ (Pachislot) by TAIYO ELEC


Saya, a young girl who has no memory beyond the past year, and Hagi who has joined forces with her, are frantically battling to defeat enemies that need defeating and complete missions that need completing.
In order to reclaim her lost memory, Saya will face her nemesis Diva, who uses her own blood as a weapon.

エクセレントモデル BLOOD+ 音無小夜