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DARKER THAN BLACK -黑之契约者-”簡体字” DARKER THAN BLACK -黑之契約者-”繁体字”


本周要介绍弹珠机主题是『DARKER THAN BLACK -黑之契约者-』。
DARKER THAN BLACK系列是於2007年时由动画公司BONES与冈村天斋先生共同制作而成的TV动画片,
即使过了10年,DARKER THAN BLACK魅力依舊,可说是ㄧ部受欢迎且令人印象深刻作品。
绝对不能错过机器中男主角 (代号:黒)与相对应的各式强敌间之战斗画面及令人感动的故事情节。

本週要介紹柏青哥主題是『DARKER THAN BLACK -黑之契約者-』。
DARKER THAN BLACK系列是於2007年時由動畫公司BONES與岡村天齋先生共同製作而成的TV動畫,
即使過了10年,DARKER THAN BLACK魅力依舊不退燒,可說是ㄧ部受歡迎且令人印象深刻的作品。
絕對不能錯過機台中男主角 (代號:黒)與相對應的各式強敵間之戰鬥畫面及令人感動的故事情節。

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Darker than Black: The Black Contractor (Pachinko) byMACY


Today, we will be introducing a tie-up pachinko machine of “DAKRER THAN BLACK: The Black Contractor”.
Its original work is an anime created by BONES and Tensai Okamura in 2007, and its music is composed by Yoko Kanno.
This anime is stylish yet dramatic at the same time that it still attracts readers even after 10 years.
Player gets to enjoy the battles of the protagonist, Hei, against his formidable enemies and as well as touching episodes.
This pachinko machine has already made its debut to parlors.
Give it a try.

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EUREKA SEVEN AO (Pachislot) by Sammy


Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven.
It has been released twice as a pachislot machine in the past, but it still holds high popularity.
And now, its third pachislot machine people were waiting for will be released in 2017!!
This latest pachislot machine will be using “Eureka Seven AO”, the sequel, as a motif, and the story will evolve arounf Ao Fukai, the son of Eureka and Renton.
Let’s enjoy the new world of Eureka Seven no one has ever seen!!
As for its specification, this pachislot machine will test the intuition of players with pressing orders of the buttons and with bunch of accessories!!
Grab the jackpot with your own hands!!

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