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灰姑娘3”簡体字” 灰姑娘3”繁体字” byNET


Net Corporation独创的“OPT”玩法,也用在这次发表的机台上,不过威力更加强大。

OPT=Oshiri Penpen Time
Oshiri Penpen= 连打屁股

Net Corporation獨創的“OPT”玩法,也用在這次發表的機台上,不過威力更加強大。

OPT=Oshiri Penpen Time
Oshiri Penpen= 連打屁股

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Cinderella Blade 3 (Pachislot) byNET


Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Cinderella Blade 3”.
This is a 3rd machine of the series, and this series has been gaining its popularity with its nimble stories and attracting characters.
For this 3rd machine, cousins battle each other to win the heart of a prince from an island of everlasting summer. Layla might quit heroine to become a bride!
“OPT”, a unique rendition created by Net Corporation, has been made even more powerful than ever.
Also, “Armor Breaker” which destroys the clothes of charming characters is a must see!
It has already made its debut to the parlors nationwide.
Give it a try.

OPT=Oshiri Penpen Time
Oshiri Penpen= butt-slapping

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Priscilla and the Magic Book(Pachislot) byNET


Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine created by NET called “Priscilla and the Magic Book”.
This is a spinoff of a popular pachislot series of “Cinderella Blade”.
Its story is about Priscilla, who is a Puella Magi over 500 years old, fights against evil wizards casting spells onto the characters of fairy tales, and Priscilla tries to unleash the spell to bring characters back into their original form.
This machine is loaded with a “time link system”, that as the player plays 1G, the clock within the game moves forwards by 5 minutes, and at specific times, player may win bonuses or gets to move to a stage with higher winning chance.
It is expected to make its debut in mid October!!Don’t miss it.

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Feature articles of Cinderella Blade2 (Pachislot) by NET


Today, we will be delivering you a special on “Cinderella Blade 2”.
Although we have introduced a teaser video in the past, we will be showing you a long version this time with a couple of game movies.

Pile whose popularity is surging at “Love Live!” is the Cinderella of this pachislot machine, but the real attraction of this machine is its “Oshiri Penpen Time(OPT)” when you get to spank cute character’s butt.
Among its features, “Oshiri Gari Renzoku OPT” which you get to slap all of the characters’ butt you caught by “Oshiri Gari” is a must see!
 Oshiri Penpen= butt-slapping
 Oshiri Gari = butt hunting
 Renzoku = continuity

Total of six features such as “Comeback win OPT”, “Priscilla OPT” are also loaded.

On top of the usual peach colored panel, yellow panel featuring Priscilla called “Pipirerunyan Panel” is also added to the series and is already at pachinko parlor nationwide.

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Cinderella Blade 2 (Pachislot) by NET

Today we will talk about a pachislot machine made by pachislot manufacturer “NET” featuring its original characters: Cinderella Blade 2.
It’s based on the original fairy tale but in addition to the 5 Cinderella sisters there are many new ones in this extravagant creation.
In total there are 40!!
This pachislot machine, overflowing with beautiful young girls, will go on sale this summer!
This one will be hard to wait for!
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