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Jujika3-Destiny of Twin Cross (Pachislot) byNET


Today, we will be introducing the latest pachislot series of “Jujika (The Cross)”, an original content by NET.
Being the third chapter of the series, the heroines for this pachislot machine are twin sisters who have secret powers to defeat the Dracula.
Queen of Dracula fears this secret power that she captures Karina, and to save Karina, Jessika heads for the castle of Dracula.
Will the sisters be able to meet again? What happens at the showdown between the heroines and the Queen of Dracula? Player gets to enjoy the story development matching to the gaming nature of an original content.
It is expected to make its debut at beginning of March 2016.
Don’t miss it!!

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Castlevania (Pachinko) by TAKASAGO


A pachinko machine we will be introducing today is “Castlevania”, which is a popular action game developed and published by Konami.
Among the multiple series, this machine is based on “Castlevania: Rondo of Blood”.
Primary character of Richter Belmont fights intensely with the forces of Count Dracula!!
Accessories such as Grand Cross will lead players to a victory with maximum excitement!!
When the battles against Count Dracula occur, something might happen even if you lose!!
Expected month of debut is this coming October.Don’t miss it!!

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Kaibutsu-kun -Sword of Demon- (Pachinko) by OKUMURA

“Kaibutsu-kun”, a masterpiece of manga written by a popular comic artist Fujiko Fujio (A) is now being revived as a pachinko machine!?
“Kaibutsu-kun” is a comedy manga depicting the troubles of Kaibutsu-kun causes while traveling from Monster Land to the Human Realm.
Debuting as a pachinko machine this time, there are remarkable comical rendition unique to “Kaibutsu-kun” and battle rendition you can only enjoy as a pachinko.
Battle between Monster Land companions led by Kaibutsu-kun and demon group Demonish is achieved as a full computer graphics, packed with a punch.
Let’s enjoy the timeless world of “Kaibutsu-kun” at a pachinko parlor.
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Today we will introduce a pachislot machine based on a manga that was published in the Japanese weekly magazine Young King OURs: HELLSING!!
With a theme of Search & Destroy theme featuring fast-paced style battles featuring the vampire Alucard, the series has tons of core fans, but the pachislot features an easy-to-play system that even a beginner or someone who doesn’t know anything about the series can get used to!!
There are lots of exciting animations, featuring not only Alucard and his long-time rival Anderson, but the beautiful Seras Victoria, and Rip van Winkle!!
The pachislot HELLSING machine is set for an August 2014 release by KITA DENSHI!! Don’t miss the battle epic battle in London!!

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