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DEVILMAN3~Devil’s Apocalypse~ (Pachislot) by ELECO

Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of the “Devilman”, a popular content with various developments such as manga, animation and video games.
Being a third pachislot machine of the series, player should give special attention to its refined chassis!!
On the side of the machine, it has a “pulsatory lens” which shows the pulsation of devil’s blood. “Demon eyes” are located on top of the machine. And on top of all these, “Devilman Flash” covers up the whole monitor with the lightning of awakening. This machine is filled with gimmicks to surprise players!!
As for its gaming aspect, this machine is loaded with five familiar enemies of Lord Zennon, Kaim, Zanin, Sirene and Psycho Jenny.
There is also a battle between this machine’s original character, Arakune!!
Also, jackpot might be close by when the rendition develops into a battle with Satan or Amon.
Loaded with enough renditions and gaming nature, it has already made its debut to the parlor!!
Give it a try when you see it!!
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Batman (Pachislot) by ELECO

This time we’ll talk about a pachislot machine based on the long-beloved dark hero Batman!
There have been 2 pachinko models before, but this is the first pachislot one!
The origin of the Joker, and other arch enemies are of course featured!
Not much is known about its specs, but there are rumors that it is top-class!
It’s set for release in late September! Let’s see if it’s worth the wait.

We show you Batman’s merchandises of Japan!

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Basilisk 3 -Book of the Kouga Ninja Arts- (Pachislot) by ELECO



Today we introduce the popular manga, anime pachislot machine Basilisk – Book of the Kouga Ninja Arts.

In order to determine who will become the third Tokugawa Shogun, a fierce battle will begin between the villages of Kouga and Iga.

Who will win, Kouga or Iga?

The pachislot machine Basilisk – Book of the Kouga Ninja Arts will be released in January 2014!