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The Ambition of Oda Nobuna (Pachinko) byNISHIJIN


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “The Ambition of Oda Nobuna”, originally a light novel written by Mikage Kasuga.
The story plots itself in a world where warlord Oda Nobunaga exist as a young girl named Oda Nobuna, and the main male protagonist of this story, Yoshiharu Sagara, suddenly finds himself in the Sengoku period, where he falls in love with Nobuna and battles against other warlords.
Starting with Oda Nobuna, a lot of beautiful female characters make their appearances.
As for this pachinko machine, it is loaded with images from TV anime that was aired in 2012, as well as original renditions using the elements of “moe” such as “cosplay” and “tsundere”.
It has already made its debut to the parlor.
Let’s give this pachinko a try.

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Mobile Police Patlabor(Pachislot) by KITA DENSHI

Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Mobile Police Patlabor”, which we have introduced its pachinko version two years ago.
This machine is loaded with a system called “Gachaga system”, a whole new system shaking the industry with its miraculous specifications.
Once the player gets the right to play the gahcapon, he/she can play it at any time for the jackpot challenge! It gives players more chance to win jackpot when gahcapon is played during the jackpot round.
As for the rendition aspect, its uses images and movies that are completely new while preserving the world image of the original work, that fans of “Patlabor” would want to play for sure.
And lastly about the date of debut everyone is worrying about. It has already made its debut, so rush to the parlor now!
Let’s enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tokyo Ravens (Pachinko) byFUJI


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Tokyo Ravens”.
Its original work is a highly popular light novel written by Kohei Azano, and was made into a TV anime in 2013.
Images and music from the TV anime series are used for this machine, but it is loaded with original images and music only unique to pachinko as well.
Also, it is loaded with many accessories that resemble the elements of a “magic”, which is the core of the story, to pile up the excitement.
Being introduced this week, it is the latest pachinko machine. Let’s give it a try at the parlor.

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Mobile Police Patlabor (Pachinko) by SANYO

Today we will talk about a pachinko machine based on the science fiction robot manga and anime critically acclaimed series “Mobile Police Patlabor.”
On-location filming of a miniseries began this year, and it is currently being aired and celebrated once again.
There are many drawings by the character designer for the anime, Akemi Takada, made specifically for this pachinko machine!
Be sure to take note of the completely new animations, and accessories bearing the coat of arms of Japanese police!
Check out the organization that controls Patlabor, Special Vehicle Section 2, in a pachinko parlor near you as they do their thing in various locations!
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Full Metal Panic! -The Second Raid- (Pachislot) by TAIYO ELEC


The third Full Metal Panic! anime has been made into Pachislot!!
You won’t be able to keep your eyes off of the long and serious storyline!!
Enjoy the antics of the main character, Sousuke Sagara, and other popular characters
like Kaname Chidori and Teletha “Tessa” Testarossa!!

フルメタル・パニック?ふもっふ テレサ・テスタロッサ (1/8 PVC塗装済み完成品)