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GARO -Mamorishimono- (Pachislot) by Sammy


Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “GARO”, a highly popular tokusatsu drama series written by Keita Amemiya.
The story of “Makai Knight” hunting monsters hiding in the darkness called “Horrors” is extremely popular among pachinko and pachislot industries!!
Including a side story, there are 13 pachinko machines of “GARO”!!
“GARO” is a pachinko machine anyone has played at least once!!
And now, “GARO” is released as a pachislot machine!!
Starting with a gigantic emblem accessory, there are enough renditions and accessories loaded onto this machine that all players of this machine can enjoy!!
Let’s defeat horrors with this pachislot machine as well!!

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Another Garo ~The Carved Seal of Flames~ (Pachinko) by Sansei R&D


Today, we will be introducing the latest machine of a popular pachinko series, “GARO”!!
This machine uses the motif of an anime, which aired from October 2014 to March 2015.
Player gets to enjoy a whole new world of tokusatsu films with this machine, completely new from the past.
When speaking of “GARO”, you cannot miss “Face of GARO”, one of the most impactful accessories of the machine.
However, howling function has been added to the “Face of GARO”, that is it now “Howling of GARO” instead!!
Let’s experience this impact at the parlor!!
It is expected to make its debut on 18th of December.
Don’t miss it!!

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GARO -Makai no Hana- (Pachinko) by Sansei R&D


Today, we will be introducing the latest pachinko machine of “GARO”, a popular tokusatsu series, called “GARO -Makai no Hana-”.
This machine uses the same chassis as previously introduced “GARO -KONJIKI NI NARE-“. So that player gets to enjoy the same accessories such as “sword of GARO” and “big face of GARO”, which coalesce on top of the chassis.
As a highlight of this machine, a new rendition of huge face of GARO covering up the whole screen along with strong flashes has been added!!
The impact of this new rendition is befitting to the name of strongest GARO of all time.
Expected date of debut is 13th of October.
Do not miss the actions of new GARO!!

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Zero (Pachinko) by Sansei R&D

“ZERO”, released as the 4th movie of popular tokusatsu series of “GARO”, it is now being released as the latest version of pachinko “GARO”!
This new machine tries to resurrect the first “GARO”, that its accessories, renditions and the amount of winnings resemble the first!
Obviously, it is loaded with extremely beautiful computer graphics that won’t stop evolving and new powerful accessory of “Sword of GARO”!
Curious date of debut is this coming April.
“ZERO”, descended as GARO’s best-sworn brother, will shock parlors they have never felt before!
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Garo -Go for the Gold!- (Pachinko) by Sansei R&D

Today we will talk about literally the 9th installment in a pachinko series dealing with a spinoff of the extremely popular “Garo” series: Garo: Go for the Gold!
This version has a lot of interesting accessories; in fact there is a sword piercing through the chassis!
During gameplay if you push the sword and Garo’s “big face” comes out the the jackpot is within your grasp!
Furthermore, the protagonist in the Garo series, Ryuga Dougai, is transformed into Kouga Saezima and the world is completely changed!
You will battle with your comrades to defeat the villain Horrors!
This model will be introduced into pachinko halls at the end of July, so go and play it thoroughly!
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Garo Gaiden: Tougen no Fue (Pachinko) by Sansei R&D


Keita Amemiya is a visual effects mastermind who worked on titles such as Mirai Ninja and Zeiram.
Garo, said to be his greatest work, is making an unprecedented debut into Pachinko!
The fierce fighting between Jabi and Rekka is sure to be burned into your mind!

牙狼外伝 桃幻の笛 [Blu-ray]