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Shin-Hana no Keiji2(Pachinko) by newgin


Today, we will be introducing a latest pachinko series of a popular manga “Hana no Keiji”.
Being a 10th anniversary machine, this machine has evolved as a successor to the “CR Shin Hana no Keiji” known for flashy renditions!!
As for its rendition aspect, this machine is loaded with super beautiful graphics and naked eye 3D monitor for the first time in its series.
With the traditional “Smoking Pipe” rendition, Keiji’s smoking pipe will fly out!!
It is also loaded with tons of accessories that enhance the excitement such as “family crest” accessory, which covers up the whole screen!!
It has already made its debut to parlors nationwide.
Let’s enjoy Keiji’s “kabuki” at parlors!!
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Hana no Keiji X -Beyond the Clouds- (Pachinko) by newgin

The latest pachinko series of “Hana no Keiji” has finally been introduced!!
This series, being the 8th pachinko machine, is a popular pachinko series with its dynamic and exhilarating renditions and the amount of winnings player can get.
This machine successes the traditional rendition from the first machine and has been made even more powerful!!
With its 19-inch monitor, which is the biggest monitor within the pachinko industry, player gets to enjoy beautifully created videos in a newly made chassis!!
Also, player should pay special attention to its impactful accessories!!
If Keiji appears on the screen by pushing the lever located on the bottom left of the chassis, player might win the jackpot!!
It is expected to make its debut in November!!
Do not miss this masterpiece!!
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Gifuu Doudou -Kanetsugu & Keiji- (Pachinko) by newgin

A spin-off of popular pachinko machine “Hana no Keiji” has been released!!
Kanetsugu Naoe, lifelong friend of Keiji, is the main character of this machine called “Gifuu Doudou”!!
Its original work is a manga in which retired Keiji recollects and narrates the memories of Kanetsugu.
Player gets to enjoy the story of “Hana no Keiji” from a different point of view!!
It is expected to make its debut on September!! Don’t miss it!!

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CYBER BLUE (Pachislot) by SANYO


A pachinko machine we will be introducing today is “CYBER BLUE”, illustrated by Tetsuo Hara who is known for works such as “Fist of the North Star” and “Hana no Keiji”.
Original work is a Sci-fi manga set in the year of 2305. Blue, a seventeen-year-old boy dies but gets an electronic brain of a work robot transplanted into him. Blue battles with numerous enemies as he evolves into new humankind, a Cyber Being.
The main characteristic of this pachinko machine is to strengthen Blue before challenging a battle against an enemy.
Strengthen Blue to his max and defeat all the enemies.
It is already in the parlor you can go play it now.
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Shin-Hana no Keiji (Pachinko) by newgin


Today, we will introduce a pachinko machine called “Shin-Hana no Keiji”, already played popularly at parlors nationwide.
Original manga is about Maeda Keiji, a real person of Sengoku period leading a riotous life. It is written by Tetsuo Hara, who is also famous for the “Fist of the North Star”.
This pachinko machine, the 2015 version, is the 7th machine of pachinko.
During a jackpot rendition, you get to choose a chapter you would like to play from the three following chapters; Chapter of Kaga, Chapter of Kyoto, and Chapter of Sado. Also, you get to enjoy 7 episodes within a chapter you choose.
Get jackpots and complete all 21 episodes!!

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