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Dark Water (Pachinko) by FUJI


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Dark Water”, originally a horror novel written by Koji Suzuki, a pioneer of Japanese horror novel.
Its movie was directed by the same director of “Ring”, Hideo Nakata, and it is still a blockbuster movie.
It has been remade in Hollywood in the year of 2005 as “Dark Water”.
Now that this masterpiece has been made into pachinko, its special feature is the rendition of “Power Outage Crush”.
If all the lightings and sounds goes out all of a sudden, the jackpot might be really close by!!
It has many other accessories loaded on that they will pile up the excitement for sure!!
It is expected to make its debut in August!
Let’s give it a try if you like horror!

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Sadako 3D (Pachinko) by TAKAO


Today, we will be introducing “Sadako 3D”, the latest series of “Ring” by Koji Suzuki who is the pioneer of Japanese horror novels.
This machine uses naked eye 3D for the images, and movie of arm coming out of the monitor reminds you of the nightmare drawn in the original novel!!
“Curse of 0”, which occur at fixed times, LED of the monitor turns off to stir up you fear.
Accessory using the motif of Sadako’s arm is still active also!!
Arm of Sadako moves at various timings to stir up your expectations!!
It’ll make its debut to the parlor on 6th of April.Can’t take your eyes off from impending fear!!

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