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Shin-Hana no Keiji (Pachinko) by newgin


Today, we will introduce a pachinko machine called “Shin-Hana no Keiji”, already played popularly at parlors nationwide.
Original manga is about Maeda Keiji, a real person of Sengoku period leading a riotous life. It is written by Tetsuo Hara, who is also famous for the “Fist of the North Star”.
This pachinko machine, the 2015 version, is the 7th machine of pachinko.
During a jackpot rendition, you get to choose a chapter you would like to play from the three following chapters; Chapter of Kaga, Chapter of Kyoto, and Chapter of Sado. Also, you get to enjoy 7 episodes within a chapter you choose.
Get jackpots and complete all 21 episodes!!

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Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! 2 (Pachinko) by TAIYO ELEC


Today we will talk about a pachinko game set in Edo-era Kyoto, Ryu ga Gotoku Kenza! 2 (Yakuza Kenzan! 2) : Entrance!
The highlight of this game is the protagonist and heroic master swordsman Musashi Miyamoto’s way of life!
The way to the jackpot is by being manly! Become the ultimate chamption by defeating your valiant rivals!!
The exciting release is set for late October! Show your guts through love and battle!

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Kanon No Mori (Pachinko) by newgin

Kanon No Mori is a game for “moe” Pachinko enthusiasts featuring intense battles between demons and Miko!!
Normally high school girls, Kana and Nene will transform into beautiful Miko to exterminate demons!!
What happens when the sacred “Shinsō” appears…? You won’t be able to take your eyes off of the transformation scene!!
Set in the former capital, Kyoto, set off with the 2 Miko to exterminate the demons!!