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Queen’s Blade2(Pachinko) byTakao


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Queen’s Blade”, which is already being played at the parlor.
Its original work of “Queen’s Blade” is an anime based on a battle gamebook of the same title.
It is a story about young beautiful female warriors entering into a battle contest of who is going to be the next queen.
Being a second pachinko machine of the series, characters from “Queen’s Blade Rebellion” make their appearances as well.
Enjoy the sexy battles of beautiful warriors.

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Queen’s Blade 2 (Pachislot) by JPS

Today I will introduce the Pachislot machine Queen’s Blade 2.
Queen’s blade is the Japanese version of the American game book “Lost Worlds,”
but the characters were all rewritten as beautiful young girls.
In order to protect their queen, the young female soldiers participate in war games in a yearly competition.
Lots of famous Japanese voice actors were employed, so it is sure to please anime fans as well!!

リボルテック メローナ リボルテッククイーンズブレイド シリーズNo.005