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超时空要塞 Frontier3(角子机)”簡体字” 超時空要塞 Frontier3(柏青嫂)”繁体字” by SANKYO


本周要介绍的是於2008年播放的日本人气动画片系列《超时空要塞 Frontier》为主题的角子机最新作品「超时空要塞 Frontier3」。
这款最新机器将过去机器的所有游戏功能全新改版融合,推出最新版的「超时空要塞 Frontier」的角子机。
音效方面,新机器不但搭载了过去机器的经典歌曲之外,也搭载了今年3月份Sheryl Nome(雪露)刚发表的“Gorgeous”新歌。
游戏者不能错过的是当播放“Gorgeous”新曲时,画面自动切换成Gorgeous Game模式时的华丽场景。

本週要介紹的是於2008年播放的日本人氣動畫系列《超時空要塞 Frontier》為主題的柏青嫂最新作品「超時空要塞 Frontier3」。
這款最新機台將過去機台的所有遊戲功能全新改版融合,推出最新版的「超時空要塞 Frontier」的柏青嫂。
音效方面,新機台不但搭載了過去機台的經典歌曲之外,也搭載了今年3月份Sheryl Nome(雪露)剛發表的“Gorgeous”新歌。
玩家不能錯過的是當播放“Gorgeous”新曲時,畫面自動切換成Gorgeous Game模式時的華麗場景。

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Macross Frontier 3 (Pachislot) by SANKYO

Today, we will be introducing the latest pachislot machine MACROSS Frontier called “MACROSS Frontier 3”, a highly popular TV animation series that started airing in 2008.
This latest machine has renewed all of the gaming features of the past machines that it is “reborn” as completely new MACROSS Frontier.
On top of the songs and music from the past machines, this machine is loaded with the new song of Sheryl Nome called “Gooorgeous”, which has just made its debut in last March!!
When this song gets played, the scene changes to “Gooorgeous Game” mode in which the player gets to experience gorgeous time, being true to its name!!
This machine is making its debut from beginning of May.
Let’s play this latest machine at the parlor!!
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Macross Frontier 2 (Pachinko) by SANKYO


Today, we will introduce the latest pachinko machine of “Macross Frontier”, a tremendously popular animation since it aired from 2008.
High-speed mechanic action of variable fighter ‘Valkyrie’ is a must see!!
You should also pay attention to a triangular relationship between two divas, Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee, and Alto Saotome!!
Whatever one may say, Macross series are known for its songs!!
This pachinko machine is loaded with 32 songs including songs from the movie as well!!
It is expected to make its debut around this summer!!Don’t miss it!!

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MACROSS Frontier 2 (Pachislot) by SANKYO

The machine we will talk about today is the second Pachislot installation of the popular anime series Macross Frontier: Macross Frontier 2!!
When you think of Macross you probably think of the music right?
Of course the most popular songs like “Diamond Crevasse” and “Northern Cross” are included, but in addition
the movie version background music “Sayonara no Tsubasa” and others included, making a total of 36 songs!!
It’s a complete package that is a must see for Macross fans!!
Furthermore, there might be an appearance by the third songstress!! It will be hard to wait for this machine to be released!!


MACROSS Frontier (Pachinko) by SANKYO

Today let’s talk about a highly observed machine that is rumored to be getting a sequel.
It’s based on an anime that has become extremely popular with young people since its 2008 broadcast: Macross Frontier!!
The tale of the songs, love, and fighting of the songstresses Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee, and the hereo Alto Saotome are sure to engross you.
In the end, the part to pay the most attention to is the songs!! In addition to popular songs like Diamond Crevasse and Lion,
18 other songs including the fan favorite “Do You Remember Love?” are included. Enjoy famous music at Pachinko played back just for you!!

マクロスF (フロンティア) ねんどろいど ランカ・リー (ノンスケール ABS&PVC塗装済み可動フィギュア)