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吃豆人”簡体字” 小精靈”繁体字” (Pachislot) by MACY


这款主题作为「fami-slot(family slot)」系列项目中首部发表的游戏机,将往年的经典游戏玩法都转化在这部游戏机上。
這款主題作為「fami-slot(family slot)」系列項目中首部發表的機台,將以前的經典遊戲玩法都轉化在這部機台上。
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PAC-MAN (Pachislot) by MACY


Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Pac-Man”, a game that was immensely popular worldwide from its original release in 1980.
This “Pac-Man” machine will be released as a first machine of the “fami-slot(family slot)” project series, a project that turns classic games into pachislot machine.
The main characteristic of this machine is a “abnormality rendition” that player can expect a jackpot if the lamp on the chassis lights up in weird way or if the sound is different compared to usual.
Players can enjoy this pachislot machine as if they are trying to find a hidden cheats in the classic games.
It is expected to make its debut in late April.
Must play for all the gaming fans.

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Etotama (Pachinko) by MACY


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Etotama”, originally an animation with the motif of earthly branches.
Its original work is an animation produced by Shirogumi, a company known for its production of “Sengoku Otome”.
Theme of the “Etotama” is the battle of goddesses of earthly branches, and it bases its story on old Japanese tales.
This pachinko machine is not only loaded with original battles unique to this machine, but also with original songs of each goddess, that fan of the original work can also enjoy playing this machine.
With its ease of play and explosive powers, pachinko fans are sure to enjoy it as well.
It is expected to make its debut on September. Don’t miss it.

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Batman (Pachinko) by MACY

Batman, a dark hero loved by everyone around the world.
In comics, animations, games or in films, everyone must have seen it once.
It is still a new memory that we introduced it last year when it became a pachislot machine, but it came back being a pachinko machine this year.
What you should notice is the gripping battle against an old enemy Joker.
Accessories in imitation of batman logo.
Also the battles between familiar villains like Bane, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and Penguin.
The music of “Love Bites (So Do I)” by Halestorm during the jackpot will sure to maximize the excitement of a player.
It’s already in pachinko parlors that you can go enjoy it now.
Its low spec makes it easy to hit a jackpot, you can enjoy the very best of Batman.
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Yaji and Kita’s travels (Pachislot) by MACY


Today we will talk about a pachislot based on the comedy “Yaji and Kita’s Travels,” which takes place in the Edo Period after the Meiji Restoration.
Of course it’s easy to know how to aim for a jackpot while you go traveling with Yaji and Kita, but this machine also has animations that parody other machines!!
You can experience animations from various UNIVERSAL material such as Basilisk and Milliongod!!
Also, the main animation features the adorable heroine Akane, and her odd friends: a long-nosed goblin and a water imp!!
If you can help Yaji and Kita, you will surely get a jackpot!!

pachislot machine & original Book

やじきた道中記X [家庭用|中古パチスロ実機 オートコイン不要装置セット]家庭用 中古スロット
東海道中膝栗毛 (21世紀版少年少女古典文学館)

Castle of Ogres (Pachislot) by MACY

Today we will introduce a Pachislot machine which Yoshitaka Amano, who is famous for the illustration and character design of the Final Fantasy series, worked on.
The literary style which captives a fairy-tale like world remains unchanged in Pachislot, and is demonstrated vividly on the 17.3 inch 1080p LCD display!!
“Castle of Ogres” lets you experience a fantasy RPG, and is currently even more popular than UNIVERSAL’s Basilisk series!!