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Ninja Hattori-kun -Sience Ninja Arts vs Ninjyutu- (Pachinko) by Daiichi

The masterpiece work “Ninja Hattori-kun” by manga legend Fujiko Fujio will come to Pachinko soon!
The third Pachinko installment sees a huge ninja battle with science ninjas spearheaded by Mekamaro.
It’s biggest feature is the many kinds of “Karakuri” accessories!
Scrolls and shuriken are attached all over the machine like a weapons house and they all move around with intense energy!
Smash the science ninjas, and rescue your captured comrades!
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Basilisk -Book of the Kouga Ninja Arts- (Pachinko) by OKUMURA


Basilisk: The Kouga Ninja Scrolls, which portrays an epic 10 vs 10 ninjutsu battle, has come to Pachislot already and is now coming to Pachinko!
With the fierce battling with Yakushiji Tenzen, and the beautiful, fleeting romance with Oboro, this game perfectly recreates the charm of the original series.
In addition, the chassis of the machine has scrolls, kunai, and other ninja-themed accessories attached in what it dubs “Basilisk Vision!”
Try it out and experience the surprise and excitement of “Ninjutsu.”


Basilisk 3 -Book of the Kouga Ninja Arts- (Pachislot) by ELECO



Today we introduce the popular manga, anime pachislot machine Basilisk – Book of the Kouga Ninja Arts.

In order to determine who will become the third Tokugawa Shogun, a fierce battle will begin between the villages of Kouga and Iga.

Who will win, Kouga or Iga?

The pachislot machine Basilisk – Book of the Kouga Ninja Arts will be released in January 2014!