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The Rose of Versailles(Pachinko) byNISHIJIN


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine using the motif of “The Rose of Versailles”.
Its original work is written and illustrated by Riyoko Ikeda, one of the best-known titles in shojo manga.
Based on a historical fact, this manga illustrates the life of beautiful cross-dresser and Dauphine Marie Antoinette back in the 18th century of France.
Being the 5th pachinko machine of the same title, it is loaded with a new rendition that as time advances between 1772 and 1791, the chance of winning also increases.
Packed with splendid image and romances, it is expected to make its debut on the 21st of December.
Don’t miss it.

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Ashita no Joe (Pachinko) by Sammy

Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Ashita no Joe”, a masterpiece of boxing manga!
With scenes such as Joe Yabuki being “burned out to white ash”, “Ashita no Joe” is still highly popular and well known.
As a pachinko machine, highlight is the fierce battle rendition of Joe and his rivals!
Breath taking renditions and huge jackpots will sure to grab the heart of fans!
Especially the fight between Joe’s eternal rival, “Toru Rikiishi” is a must see!?
Expected date of debut is May!!
If you are a fan, make no hesitation to play!!
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