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赛文·奥特曼 ”簡体字” 超人七號”繁体字” by OK.


赛文·奥特曼是本系列最受欢迎的作品之一, 正如作品集名字所示,关键字 「7」被使用在这游戏机上。
另一方面来说,游戏者如果能够战胜怪兽就可以开启隐藏关卡「Seven Attack」。

超人七號是本系列最受歡迎的作品之一, 正如作品名稱所示,關鍵字 「7」被使用在這台機台上。
然而,玩家打贏怪獸就可以開啟隱藏版關卡「Seven Attack」。
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Ultra Seven (Pachislot) by OK.


Today, we will be introducing a pachislot machine of “Ultra Seven”. This is the 4th series of the “Ultra Series”, a monumental work of Japanese tokusatsu science fiction.
Ultra Seven is one of the most popular works of the series, and as the title suggests, 7 is being used as a keyword for this machine.
Player will enter a zone called “Seven Attack” once they defeat the aliens, and if the player can align “7” symbols during this zone, the winnings will be 7 times more than the normal winnings.
It is expected to make its debut in September.
Look for the “eye slugger” placed on top of the chassis.

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The Avengers (Pachinko) by OK!!


Today, we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Avengers”, a crossover film of American heroes.
In this pachinko machine, characters of “Avengers”, released in 2012, gathers to save Japan.
Spiderman makes his special appearances as well, that machine is filled with gorgeous characters.
Also, player should pay close attention to accessories with the motif of Avengers’ weapons!!
It has already made its debut on April 4th.
Let’s experience this whole new “Avengers” no one has ever seen.

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A pachinko machine we will be introducing this time is the latest pachinko series of “Ultraman”, one of the best-known superhero series in Japan!!
Due to the evil monsters of the Belial Galaxy Empire, the 2nd earth called Future Earth was facing a crisis of invasion.
Three Ultramans of Dyna, Cosmos, Zero and Terrestrial Defence Force make their appearances to save the Future Earth!!
Sear the battles of Ultramans trying to get peace back to Future Earth in your eyes!!
Ultra Lever is loaded on to this new chassis of Ultra Star.
Fire up yourself and pull the Ultra Lever, and you might get a jackpot!?
As a Terrestrial Defence Force, idol group of Dempagumi.inc who are surging with popularity was appointed!!
They support the battles of Ultramans splendidly!?
Pachinko Ultraman has already made its debut!!Rush to the parlor now!!

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Onimusha -Dawn of Dreams- (Pachinko) by OK.

The popular game “Onimusha -Dawn of Dreams”will come out soon!
It is based on the popular samurai game of the same name that paints the picture of a battle between the hero who possesses the “Power of the Demon” and “Genma”.
Use the power of the demon to size the jackpot in pachinko as well!
This edition combines the best of both animation and gaming. If you see the emotional ending scene, you have a big chance!
Awaken the power of the demon with the main character Sōki!

新 鬼武者 NIGHT OF GENESIS 弐 (Capcom comics)